Blogging, not a hobby, but a means to get rid of so called bad habits.

Well, someone close advice me for starting up a blog because it’s a daily time commitment and it will keep my verbal skills sharp plus it will force me to be introspective.
The reasons that I’m blogging is the fact it totally depicts my nature.
Just to avoid my excessive habit of watching porn, stalking girls on facebook and getting rejections can be the reasons that I’m typing all this. Moreover, except the porn, facebook and playing games, my laptop can be put into use.
But it’s weird. I’m writing the words down and sending out to the world with a consciousness that no one gives a damn about all this, but yet I’m writing it down.
Yeah, you guessed it right, am drunk while writing it down with an irony that there no spelling mistakes. Grammar mistakes can be noticed, but Bitch Please, I’m not the editor.
It’s not a movie that here am blogging and somewhere a cute sweet beautiful girl, with her spex on, playing with her braid would be reading my words and unconsciously falling in love. It’s totally bollywood and non acceptable. MOTHER OF BULLSHIT.
I mean what are the odds? Guess, if somehow this happens, then suddenly every guy would start blogging and then the scenario would be different. Suddenly, Mark Zuckerberg’s company would collapse and the creator and owner of wordpress would be dancing their asses off. And except this nothing else would change.
Same stuff will happen, just the platforms would be changed. Because this is us. We do the same things all the time and end up calling it experience.
Robin Sharma, an author, mentioned, “Don’t spend 75 years doing the same thing and call it a life”. I think, that’s sums it all. (Giving out philosophy, Booze Effect )
Now, it’s time to sign out, laptop missing it’s daily feeds 😉

— raman thukral


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