Constantly running after a girl doesn’t make you a despo, it makes you a fucking pervert. Being a guy, I know it’s natural. But seriously, don’t chase just one 😉
Bloody bollywood romantic masala have made guys to think like there’s one girl for everyone and not giving upon your love, is what life’s all about. Crazy people.
in some sense, it’s true. from the growing years only, every child gets excited about the visuals running in television or on a big screen. and as time passes, the child gains some senses, somewhere down the line, the child starts grabbing stuff and the collected material starts shaping their approach towards everything in life.
and when we grow up, when puberty hits us, hormones start doing their job, we then feel the same as we see on the celluloid. this is what happens, “one day you meet someone and that person takes your breath know that’s impossible to live without oxygen but still you want that person “, and that’s the moment you get screwed. CONGRATULATIONS, you have fallen in love.
Which comparatively is not ethical, i guess. because, no one else has any idea what the hell love is. no wonder, countless quotes have been written, thousands of books have been published, each day a new love story poster we see on the walls of the streets.
i might be wrong about all this, but every couple who is currently in relationship right now, will say that their love story is just like this particular movie. because i have heard people saying this. forget love, people say that their friendship is reminiscent of this actor and actress. and in all this, we start doing shit like the characters do in the films.
all this takes me to one question, where is the purity then? i guess, Aam Aadmi Party has got a lot of work to do. Because corruption hasn’t just infected the offices and the work ethics, corruption has surely disseminated at our way of looking at relationships too.
I’m not the one who can tell you about relationships, because somehow what i will say would be similar to something that might have been portrayed elsewhere.
But there’s one thing that i have learnt and it’s, DON’T CHASE & YOU’LL BE 🙂

— raman thukral


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