What’s my BELIEF? Let me ask dad !!

Belief, though it is rhyming to relief, but they both aren’t the same. Relief, of any kind, sets you free but Belief, sets you on fire and if not then probably you are relying on a false belief system.

But what is Belief in reality. By the definition, “an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof” AND “trust, faith, or confidence in (someone or something)”.

Accepting something that exists or it’s true. But what is TRUTH? Everyone has its own version of the truth. For instance, when sun rises, there is morning. A man from Arunachal Pradesh happens to see the sunrise at the earliest time while the people of Gujarat happen to experience after 120 minutes because there is a time lag of 2 hours between the two states. One will say the sun rises at 4 while other will defend it by saying it at 6. Considering all the conditions, both are correct, yet, this isn’t the truth.

The truth is, Time is an illusion. If there’s no such thing as time, all the beliefs regarding the sunrise and sunset will go down in the vein in a second. It won’t take days but withing few moments the truth will be out and the people who were living with their beliefs will fall.

All the technological advancements surely need an appreciation. No one ever imagined that the modern era will be full of these gadgets and instruments, which will make our lives more comfortable. With this concept only, that human lives needs to be more easy, simple and free from all sorts of tensions and pressures so that people could spend their lives in peace and harmony, scientists and inventors started doing a lot of inventions but what’s the end result?

None of us is living a tension free life. None of us is free, neither physically nor mentally. Psychologically, we are bound to all these gadgets. It’s a shame, that most of us can’t even wake up without an alarm. We have become so much dependent on this so-called lavish lifestyle. It’s been becoming our reality.

Every day we wake up with an intention of having a good day but when the day ends, it’s same, every time. Why? It’s because we didn’t do anything different from the rest of the days. When you find yourself in a PIT, the foremost thing is to STOP DIGGING.

It’s hard, but it’s the only way. Wait, but we can’t do it. Because we are restricted. We have family to handle, we have EMI’s to pay, we have boss to impress so that we can get an increment, we have a social life to maintain, that’s it, end of 24 hours. Finish. What now? Time is limited for everyone, you aren’t the only one cursed. Well, no one wants this kind of life. Yet, everyone is forced, this is our obvious reply.

Come on dude, we all know that this wasn’t something we ever dreamed or imagined. No one craves for a freaking schedule. Everyone wants peace, that’s our real nature.

The first thing we all need to do is to STOP.

Let’s give a pause to our life. All this years we have been repeating the same shit what we saw others doing or what others told us. There was so much of negativity from every side that we didn’t get to focus on the real thing. We started accepting other people’s beliefs as our own beliefs. But now it’s the best time to change. You got to evolve, that’s necessary or else you will perish.

Most of the people don’t even realize that they had been living a false life. Everyone say they didn’t get the chance, but the thing is, no one does. You gotta take that chance on your own. Now, don’t move your eyes towards God that he put you in all this mess? That’s the wrong place you are looking. Because he didn’t. Look in the mirror.

Move up from this game of blame, because this game is played by the ones who are lame.

Don’t just get influenced by what others say, look for your own truth.

— raman thukral


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