Discussion is a term to screw you. No matter who is on the other side, the end result is pretty awful for you.
And it’s the worst when the discussion takes place between you and your duly respected parents and the obvious topic is about your life.

They constantly put up different questions but all the questions point towards one point and that is MONEY.
But you need money. money is quintessential. without money you won’t be able to increase tension. Without the money you can’t give doctors their fees so that they can treat you with High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.
Dude, its money. More important than oxygen. I’m absolutely sure that scientists would be working that how to survive without natural oxygen. Just wait for some time, this too will happen. It was Ok till test tube babies, but recently scientists have developed sperms. Surreal.
Sometimes a feeling comes that life would have been a hell lot easier if we could spend our time as sperms only. Because the moment you get out of the womb, you have to make your parents proud in society by topping your school in Boards, then cracking the entrance exams, nailing an elite college, so that you can bag a job at an MNC and then you can be hooked with the opposite gender to further give birth and repeat this futile insane chain. And all this is done so that they can brag about you in public.
“we just want you to get settled and don’t face a hard life”, one of their best replies.In theory, it sounds good. But in practical, it isn’t.
For instance, here we all focus on getting a degree and then a job, so that we can have a living. And in getting that degree, the one thing that you did was, you didn’t get distracted. You stopped hanging out with your friends one week before the exams. You didn’t travel because a) your parents wouldn’t allow and b) to cover that up, you put the barrier of money or it isn’t safe, an unknown relative died because of this and that. You didn’t get involved with the opposite gender because that was on the top of the distraction list. All this was done just for the cost of being safe.

Just like currently the earthquake destroyed Nepal, let’s suppose, few years later you too find yourself in a similar situation and your everything gets finished. Somehow, by the grace of God, you survived. Now, what next? Just answer in simple words, “how will you put your degree in use?”, when in reality you distracted yourself from the real life. You focused on books and virtual stuff with a hope to build a real life.

Our parents did face struggle and now they have the right intentions for us that we don’t get to face any kind of hurdles. A point to be put in consideration, but let’s get this straight. Right now also, our parents aren’t living a sound life, yet they want us to follow the same exact steps. And what’s a sound life? Is it a tension free life? A tension free life is just a myth. Without problems, there is no life. But then do make sure the problems should also be real.
Planning real hard for your future with the intentions of just filling the bank accounts is worthless. Because now as adults we crave for our childhood and now at present we are actually adults and what we are doing? Doing stuff to secure our future? And then when we will be old and with no energy, we again will crave for this phase.
What would we have accumulated? Money and a bag full of regrets. Money, which once helped us purchase all the things and now it can’t buy us time and energy. And regrets, which will only make our left out time more miserable.
So, if you want to crave, crave for freedom, crave for experience, crave for hardships as now you can overcome them, crave for real happiness – that makes you happy from inside, a paycheck might not have that power but a trekking trips with friends definitely has.

No one can ever tell you how to live the life, because no one ever knows how to do it. Life isn’t same for everyone, that’s it’s beauty. So, now we should also stop copying others.

Stop looking for solutions as life isn’t a problem. Life is a mystery, unlock it.

Being safe is just futile, living a life full of risks is worthwhile.

— raman thukral


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