Since the dawn of the recorded history, there is one thing that is common for each and every species living on the face of this Earth. Yeah, you guessed it right. It’s Life and Death.

But the moment we take birth, we forget about it. And start living our lives with an utter ignorance of our Demise. As if, we are never gonna die. But we know we will. And we never ever talk about it. Because, Death is considered a bad word.

But the truth point here is, we have no control neither on our beginning nor our end. And the harsh reality is, we actually don’t have any control over anything. We surely think, we can, but we can’t. We can’t control other people. We can’t control nature. We just can’t control anything.

Then why are put on this planet? Guess, we never give a thought to it.

According to Science, everything is Energy. And we humans are nothing, just a form of energy vibrating at a particular frequency. The word we keep enchanting, Soul is also the energy, vibrating at some other level.

And according to a theory, the soul of every man, decides the course of it’s life before taking a human form. From birth to death, from parents to friends, from success to failure, from grudges to compassion, from isolation to fame. Everything is destined by the inner energy running the damn physical structure.

But the moment we jump out of the womb, we are a piece of blank paper. And as the clock runs, the paper gets dirty. It starts off with some light and bright and cheerful colors, some people refer it as childhood. There is no crease on the sheet. It’s smooth as silk. And as the time flies, we all know what happens.

Clearly, right now in human form, we are unaware of our soul form. And we are incapable of having a face to face conversation about the track of our lives. Certainly, as said, meditation and yoga aim for the union. But, no one has got time to sit idle. It’s a busy life, man. Staring at the screens of the Televisions and smartphones consume all the time. Technology should definitely work at this too.

Nevertheless, none of us know why we are here and what are we doing with the time we have here. Has anyone of us really got the clue to this? I guess, no.

Our earth is isolated. Just like a prison is. When a criminal is sent in the prison, he can’t go out at his own will. But with us on the earth, we have this option open to us all the time. Millions of people like us come and go with each passing second. But, not everyone has the courage to leave the Earth. But yet, as we humans have created a myth that after death, heaven is the only place we can attain peace. And most of us agree to this point.

Clearly, it is the proof that we have accepted that we can’t have a peaceful life on Earth.

We speak of heaven and hell, a lot. But do these places really exist? Or are these the creations of our minds?

Robin Sharma quoted, “Don’t repeat every day for the 75 years and call it a life”.

In the movie, ‘The Lazarus Effect’, hell has been described something like this, “running through your worst dream over and over again”.

Do these both the statements mean the same?

After crossing a certain age limit, we just repeat the stuff in a particular manner. Get up early at the same time, eat the same breakfast, drive through the same way, sit under the same roof, meet those same people, get back the same home and sleep on the same bed. And after few years, the same bed turns into our death bed.

— raman thukral



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