LOVE ? umm…

The one word that everyone is aware is LOVE.

But to me, love is overrated. Because we have no idea what love is?

Google defines Love as, “A strong feeling or affection” [NOUN] and “feeling a deep affection towards someone/something” [VERB]. Interesting.

“Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It’s an active noun like Struggle. To love someone is to strive, to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now”, golden words from the mouth of Mr. Fred Rogers.

And so on you can get millions of quotes about love. And each one with a different agenda.

Here is another one from Jaggi Vasudeva a.k.a. Sadhguru, “you want to be loved because you feel incomplete. Otherwise, being loved can be quite a nuisance.”

This thought completely changes one direction on what love is. He also adds, “You can’t stand in love. You can’t fly in love. You only can fall in love.” By the falling, he meant that you gotta lose some part of yourself in order to be with the person you want to be. Surely, you need to adjust and compromise.

But why is it necessary? For like, now-a-days, being in love is different. We don’t say we are in love. We have replaced it with being in a relationship.

Just like it is our obligation to be happy. Same way, it is our obligation to be in love. And not necessarily with the other person. Buddha tells it very specifically, “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

You gotta love yourself. First accept yourself. Your flaws, your own mistakes, your haunting past, your broken friendships, your good habits, your own thoughts. Most of the times, we don’t do all this. We lay our eyes on the door and crave for the one who will come and change our lives. None of us is trained or has a manual on how to live a life. Surely, we get depressed. But nobody will swirl the magic wand and in a jiffy, we will smile back again. That not even happens in movies.

Love is basically LOyal and belieVE. You gotta show your loyalty and believe the other people.

And yet, there is so much hike about love.

Recently, there was also a hike regarding the LGBT. Yes, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender. And it’s been a positive development. The people of the community don’t have to live a suppressed anymore. This is what we all heard in the news.

But not everyone thinks the same.

The morning we were hoping for, it was just a glimpse; in real it was the speck of light peeping through the wretch clouds.

No such improvement had been there. An example of it is the movie – “Unfreedom”. This movie is banned in India. It covers the two outrageous topics, Terrorism and LGBT. No doubt, why this movie wasn’t even given a chance to be viewed in India. Moreover, very few know about it. Because it showcases the real society of devils that still prevails in the modern era.lovefree.jpg

Maybe we had got it all wrong. Being in love shouldn’t be just confined to the acceptance of few people. One should have the heart of gold to accept everyone the way they are. And accepting everyone is another way of respecting them. And the ones you respect, means you love them.

It’s that simple. No hard rules. No complex equations. No dramas. Just simply accept and be the people you meet. We sometimes overlook the simple things and waste the time for some other hard stuff.

When we were children, the meaning of gay was happy. But as we grow taller, our minds grow smaller and our thinking gets narrower.

And the LGBT community is the real example of true love. Because they accept everyone as they are. No judgement, no criticism, nothing. Just respecting each other. And they aren’t born of sin. They are pure.

Because, Love Grows Between Them [LGBT].

— raman thukral


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