Looking at my previous post, my best friend was a bit in aww. Not because he didn’t expect my posts to be getting liked by the readers, but he never expected the serious stuff out of me.

Well, he had a valid point. And this post is dedicated to him. And I’ll try my level best not to involve any serious matter. But not putting up an informative piece, I don’t think I can live with that.

This post is not ‘Psychological’, but perhaps, ‘Physiological’.

Before going any further, let’s answer one question. What’s the most exciting activity to do?

Well, the first answer that occurs in my mind is sex. Without any doubt. Every single time.

Ask anyone who has been doing it. He won’t come with scuba diving, skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain climbing or even travelling to space. It’s sex, man. Not replaceable.

The one who came up with this thought was a genius indeed, “I don’t know whatever the problem is.  But the solution is sex”.

The talk here is not about sex. It’s about what comes after it.

I still remember the day when I came across this first time. All thanks to the class ten biology. That was the first time we actually learnt something useful. Literally, fifteen years of schooling, but only one lecture that was beneficial. The only thirty minutes when all of our eyes and ears were catching everything the teacher said.

The most interesting process was the entry of the sperms into the vagina. Later that day, after the school got over, the conversation between a classmate and I ended up forming this L-Square Theory. Sorry, for her it was, ‘The L-Square Theory’. Because she was the one to came up with this.

And to not tell it in her words would be a disgrace to her.

We are born when our parents have sex. The phenomenon is not as simple as it sounds. It’s a very complicated process. But dear, I found something that no one found it yet. And I’m glad to share it with you.

Remember what the teacher said today in class? The sperms enter the vagina. After the entry of the sperms in the female body, the sperms meet ova in the ovaries, fertilization takes place and thus, a zygote is formed.

The point to note here is that millions of sperms enter the female body. But only one amongst them meets the ovary and fertilization occurs. It means, we are made up of that sperm, means among those million sperms we are LUCKY enough to cause the fertilization and see, now we are here.

Lucky, is the first ‘L’ in this theory.

Well, the second ‘L’ is LAZY.

When a million sperms enter through the vagina, the lucky one doesn’t go directly and hit the ovum. The walls of the ova are not that much soft. They are hard enough from the protection point of view. Initially, many sperms try to cause the fertilization, but fail to do so because of the hard outer covering of ova.

After constant hitting, the wall gets soft and then the lazy one, which actually is the lucky one, strikes. And then the fertilization happens and the rest of the process we learnt today”.

Bill Gates seems to be aware of this theory, when he said, “I will hire a lazy person to do a difficult job”.

No doubt she used her brain well. Because giving birth to a new life is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and determination.

But the lazy ones always know when to strike. 🙂

— raman thukral


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