My first glimpse of her was very bizarre. She was
out there in the market with her gang, wearing a
simple blue denim and a black top with a tag line
The word was perfectly all over her breast area. I
tried to avoid the eye contact but some things are
inevitable, like the morning after the night.
And I guess the connection was made within a
jiffy, her prior smirk was the confirmation, but it
wasn’t new for me.
Next I tried not to approach her, and, this time, I
was successful, because no matter what, some
things can’t happen like Tigers can’t climb trees.
But few seconds later the unexpected shit
happened. She split from her group and was there
in front of me, looking directly into my eyes. It
stumbled me as I wasn’t in a state to utter any
I had no idea how to start a conversation. Once a
friend told that the first step is to compliment her
clothes but that idea was the worst at that moment.
“Don’t you think that this is at the wrong place”,
she asked me, pointing her right hand’s middle
finger at her Tee focusing on “ASSHOLE”.
I didn’t utter. I was afraid that if I open up my
mouth, her next move might not knock me down.
I was a bit cautious.
“Oh! yes, It is”, I said with an eerie but I had to
say something assertively that could impress her, ”
according to your height, I guess it’s two feet
above”, I winked.
Unexpectedly, she laughed. I joined her too.
“Hi”, I uttered.
“What for?”, she inquired.
I didn’t know what to say.
“Just because I came up to you and had a nasty
moment, you thought you could dig your way to
my pussy?”, she said.
I was stupefied. It was like she had the magic
wand and was reading what was going on inside
my devilish head. But to her question, I had no
“I guess, you were right”, she uttered and winked
“What?”, I shouted, “Did you just say that in real
or am I imagining?”
“Now, am feeling I laid my cards on the right person, a very fast imaginator.”
“That’s not even a word”, I said.
“I know, I don’t have to be right all the time.”
“So, what’s all this”, I asked.
“Let me just cut the words and come direct to the
point. Tomorrow come and pick me, same time
same place”, she said.
“What for?”
“Are you gay?”
“Of course not”, I uttered.
“Not yet.”
“Then why the fuck you need to ask? People with
good imagination tend to have a fast brain, too.”
“Are you serious about this?”
“If you have a room, we can act right now.”
“Wooh! You gotta be kidding me”, I strangled.
“If you don’t wanna have it, let’s cancel off”, she
spoke after a few silent seconds.
“Wait, wait. Ok fine, done with tomorrow.”
“Cool, bring a chocolate”, she winked and moved
to join her troop.
“What’s your name”, I spoke a bit loud.
“Why? you need to tell your mother or you need
to have it for tonight’s wanking?”, she shouted
without even turning back.
I returned to my flat without buying anything.
That girl was a bomb. I narrated the whole
incident to my roomie, Nilesh.
“dude”, he said, “you fucking hit on a whore?”
“She wasn’t a whore, and I didn’t hit on her
intentionally. I don’t know yet. She was with some
girls and she wasn’t looking that much old, she
was of our age”, I replied.
“She is not the typical stereotype that every girl of
today’s generation wants to be. She’s awesome. I
think she’s inspired from Brazzers, that’s why she
offered you…”
“Offered me her vagina”, I uttered, “you jackass,
there must be something more.”
“So, what’s the plan? You going?
“I don’t know. Should I?”
“Of course”, Nilesh uttered, “golden opportunity
and you must not miss.”
“What if she a carrier of AIDS?”
“She asked you to bring a condom, it’s safe.”
“What if she’s nymphomaniac?”
“That’s best for you. It would be your best sex
“What if it’s a sting operation?”
“Why don’t you come and suck mine”, Nilesh
shouted, “you didn’t even have a girlfriend for four
years, you used to go to fucking brothel and pay
700 bucks for just one shot, you don’t have a face
like Hrithik, body like Salman Bhai, energy like
Ranvir Singh, that vague smile like Arjun Kapoor
and here you are getting a pussy for free, why
don’t you just focus on your erection?”
“I too think am giving this a lot of my mind, let me just go to my room”, I said.
“Don’t jerk off”, he shouted, “girls like a lot of that
mess, it is their natural anti-wrinkle agent.”
I went straight to my bed and laid down trying to
control my mind, my gun and most importantly
my hands.
Next Day. Evening.
Today she was wearing probably the same pair of
jeans with an orange top and with a tag line of,
“Do you get these kinds of Tees by mistake or buy them consciously”, I asked her skipping the
“so, you are on time”, she said ignoring my
“well, I had to, I couldn’t miss this”, I reverted.
“I thought you wouldn’t come”, she said, “you are actually the third guy who showed up.”
“showed up among?”
“I stopped counting, but for a guess, I would go
with forty.”
“dude, she’s a nymphomaniac “, I shouted in my
“Is this your forte or your necessity”, I asked her.
“Did you bring the chocolate”, she questioned me
skipping my question.
“It’s in my pant’s pocket.”
“I knew you would bring that one”, she laughed,
“I asked for a real chocolate, for eating.”
“But none of your words were straight and bring
me chocolate signified you wanted to have a
chocolate flavored condom.”
“I guess with the sex am providing you a sweet
pleasure, with that chocolate you can return me
that favor”.
“No issues, I got money, I can buy that now.”
“let’s leave, no need now”. We left for the flat.
“so, how do you like it”, she asked, “soft? hard?
extreme? and positions?”
“do I really need to answer that?”
“well, yeah, so that we can end it fast”, she
“the way you like it, I can adapt to changes, I try
everything”, I said.
“cool, will go with doggy, 69 and hard. Is that
“that was amazing”, I spoke reflexively.
“it’s time to go”, she uttered. She stood up from
the bed and started collecting her clothes.
“I guess I should leave the room”, I said.
“no need, you don’t have to be so sophisticated.”
I still left the room and came back after few
minutes. Meanwhile, she was all dressed up and
ready to go.
“here, have this”, I said, lending her a chocolate.
“from where?”
“I already had it in the kitchen, I knew you meant
this chocolate only”.
“but, then?”
“since yesterday, after meeting you, not even a
single second I had been able to spend a peaceful
moment. My brain has been constantly running
and coming up with a lot of theories.”
“regarding what?”, she said with a peace of
chocolate in her mouth.
“regarding you, miss”, I took a pause with an
expectation to get her name, but that didn’t
“but why?”
“because you are so off track. You are so casual
and open minded that I had to know the reason
that why are you like this?”
“see, you don’t have to do this soft talk after sex,
it’s harmful, you might start feeling for me”, she
“and you won’t feel?”
“no, it’s nothing new for me”, I told you.
“are you a nymphomaniac?”
“of course not.”
“a whore?”
“not yet”, she giggled.
“that’s not funny”, I said with a hard tone.
“listen, you are pissing me off. You don’t have to
do all this. After I leave this place, we become
complete strangers.”
“we still are.”
“then why are you trying to turn a stranger into a
known one? We are better like this, trust me.”
“okay”, I said.
“I must leave”, she uttered. She finished the
chocolate left the wrapper there only and put her
flip flops and moved towards the gate.
“no matter how hard you try, but you will still
remain a girl”, I said as she reached the door. She
stopped and turned back.
“you may pretend you are different, but you are
“what are you talking about”, she inquired.
“why did you ask for a chocolate”, I asked her.
“because I love it, simple”, she replied.
“No. it’s not simple, one way you have no problem
in doing sex with a random guy, which is not a
normal girl’s nature and on the other side you love
chocolates. Pretty dichotomical.
“that’s not even a word.”
“I don’t have to be right all the time. The point
here is why are you trying so hard to be like this?”
“because of this mindset that you have”, she
“what do you mean?”
“see for yourself, you yourself said that the
moment you met me, you had been thinking about
me that why I’m like this. And the you must have
come up with many theories that why I’m like
this. And then you will judge me. That’s not your
fault. Everyone judges, all the time.
This society has made everyone a fucking critic.
The people themselves are not perfect yet point
out the faults in others.
I just want to break all the preconceived notions of
the society. From hair to clothes, schools to jobs,
friends to marriage, everything is pre- defined. Go
to school, score marks, go to college, score even
more marks, get a degree, get a fucking job, get
married, kids and then deal with all the
melodrama that takes place within the so-called
“so, you are against the society?”
“no, we can’t exist without a society. I’m against
the way we spend our lives. We had been living
like a maniac. Destroying everything.”
“what you want to prove by this mindset of
“I don’t want to prove anything. I just want to live
my life on my own, in my way, with no one
messing around me.”
“not even family?”
“No, no one. All alone. I want to have freedom. I
can’t spend all the time in the cage where every action is judged.”
“but people will judge you for this freedom stuff
also, what will you do then?”
“I know the assholes will judge. That’s their thing.
Being a girl, the most precious thing according to
a society is her ‘IZZAT’, that if she is involved in
an intercourse, then she has no value.
And sex is over-rated. It’s just a natural process.
Like you need water to survive, sex is just another
thing. No issue should be created out of it.
And for me this is the first step towards my
freedom, to have sex with anyone I want. By this,
in my own way, I’m setting up a revolution against
this evil community.”
“you sure about this? I mean what about your
future? Your life?”
“Success is a myth, the real currency is freedom.
Every fucking individual craves for freedom, yet
doesn’t gets out of this cogwheel because of the
attachment. Attachment with money, attachment
with things, attachment with pride, attachment
with possessions, attachment with designations,
attachment with ego, attachment with people.
Every attachment is killing us. It’s destroying our natural form of living.”
“so, but this is..”
“I guess, now I have made myself clear and if not,
then go and fuck yourself. Till now, you too
seemed nice, but asking about this, you no longer
appear different from the assholes club.”
“It wasn’t your body that attracted me, neither it
was your smile nor your funky T-shirt, but your
deep eyes that caught my attention. There is
something surreal about them.
If you wouldn’t have approached me, I would have
tread towards you. Not with the intentions of
fucking you, but to know you.
According to you, everyone is same. Everyone is
cynical in this world. Till now you only the
narrow-minded people who just wanted to use you
for some or the other reason. And that’s why you
have turned up like this.
Your experience with the life hasn’t been sound
and that the reason you want to abide the society.
You want yourself to be recognized as a care-free
promiscuous girl. Being obscene is cool for you.
“You intrigued me”, she uttered after taking few
moments, “never fucking thought that I would be
hearing all the right shit.”
“I knew you would be somehow different from
others. Though everyone knows that they aren’t
walking the right path. Sometimes compulsion
takes over will and we are forced to change. May
be the same happened with you, too.”
“Hmm, may be”, she spoke softly.
“Anyways, and right now also, I can see the same
purity and am glad I wasn’t wrong. You asked me
for sex with you, it did excite me but I was more
delighted to feel your deep eyes and no matter
what others say, I totally agree with your every
fucking word because whether it’s me, or it’s you
or it’s any other person on this planet, we all are
assholes, in our own way.”

— raman thukral


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