“Sometimes somethin’ beautiful happens

In this world

You don’t know how to express yourself

So you just gotta sing

I just had sex and it felt so good

A woman let me put my peni…”

“Shut this crap down”, Piyush shouted.

“It’s just my morning alarm tone bitch”, I said rubbing my eyes.

“Yeah dude, in the morning only instead of thanking God, you are taking the name of sex, how realistic man”, Namit joined Piyush.

“Hey you son of a priest, just shut your mouth, or else in the morning only I will make you remember your mother & sister”, I replied to both of them.

“Okay”, Namit said,” Now get up for the class, we are already late.”

“Which class? Dude, this is our last semester, no need of attending lectures  now”, I said.

“Dude, dude, get up, I just saw her”, Manish rushed inside the room.

“Saw who ?” Piyush asked.

“Bhabhi ji man”, Manish replied back.

“So, what’s the big deal”, I said,” it’s college time, she must be here only, what’s so shocking in this?”

“She’s not alone”, Manish uttered.

“Must be with her friends”, Namit said.

“No, she is with a guy at the canteen and she’s crying”, Manish added, ” it seem like as if that guy was scolding her for some reason.”

“Dude, i think, she ..”, Piyush said.

“What ?” I asked as I stood up from my bed.

“Your alarm tone, she just had sex and now the result is so amazing”, Namit said. Everyone laughed but that didn’t make me to even move my lips. I was quiet.

I went in the balcony of my hostel room  and looked at the canteen in the college campus, she was there, sitting on the bench over there. Namit, Piyush and Manish also came after me.

“I told you, see there”, manish said.

“buddy, I think you must go today & tell her everything”, Namit uttered.

I wanted to break his teeth because of that earlier shit that he said but this statement of his somewhat made me cool down.

“Yeah dude, this is the time, cut down your ego and go”, Manish and Piyush supported Namit’s saying.

She was crying, tears were rolling down continuosly off her eyes. The guy infront of her was putting her down, his actions confirmed me. I wanted to help her. I wanted to support her but don’t know how?

I never had talked to her before but deep inside my heart I was always in touch with her. That feeling forced me to move my cemented feet. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and kept my right hand over my heart and started walking. She was just 10 feet away from me. I had no idea what to do, but there was one goal just to stop those tears and make her lips smile again. I was determined as her smile was my survival reason.

I moved towards her from behind. As I  went closer to her, I placed my left hand over her back & pushed her towards myself.

She turned her face towards me and for the first time I was that much close to her, that only light rays could pass between that gap. Those brown blinking eyes were controlling my heart beat. For the first time, I felt her breath, it was just amazing. It was warm and cozy and was very much seducing. Her curly black hair were on my shoulder and not so very fast breeze was disturbing my view as one of the flick was covering the left part of her face & I raised my right hand to remove them. For that very first time, I toched her. That sensation ignited my feeling more. I gurantee, something definately moved in my pants. It was a perfect Moment. I wanted to press the pause button and just wanted to hold her in my arms forever.

Her expressions conveyed me that she was shocked. Soon the first romantic Moment of my life was distured bt that idiot.

Who the hell are you ? The guy asked, with anger and frustation in his words.

I didn’t get my eyes off her. She too was looking at me. I wished that she might see the emotions that my heart possess for her through my eyes.

That guy hit my right shoulder and said,” am talking to you, answer me first”.

“Who am I ? it’s none of your business”, I replied to his question. My lips surly moved but my eyes didn’t. ” I need to go”, she said, moving herself away from me. For the first time, her sweet voice reached my ears and touched my soul. I was flatterd. That time, my heart made an oath, that no matter what happens, whether she will accept me or not, but I won’t stop loving her. She is the one for me. I withdrew my hand from her back and let the princess go.

She turned her back towards me and went inside the main building of the college. The guy too followed her. She was turning back and looking at me again & again. It was more awesome for me as earlier I only used to look at her like this. My heart felt that the connection is made and my patience got well paid.

I sat on that same bench, where she was sitting and moved my hands through my hairs. My lips were not able to come down, they were set in the smiling position. I was delighted & felt myself on cloud nine.

I was again and again thinking of the Moment when she was in my arms. I stood up and shouted in excitement.

Boom !! A punch on my left cheek. I was devastated. My head moved in the right side. I was expecting that punch might be from that guy. But on my right side I saw that guy, that meant two things : a) either he was very fast that after punching me on left he came from behind on my right side, that means he might had super powers, but that was too stupid to think b) may be someone else hit me.

As I turned left, I found out that the from all the aspects the later one was correct. Someone else made that effort of hitting me. And that effort was made by none other than my love. The girl, with whom I was dreaming to spend all my life, just punched me and that too on face which meant that my connection is cut.

“What ?”, she said, “What the hell do you think of yourself ?”

“I just want..”, I tried to reply.

“Speak up, why are you quiet?”, the manly voice came from opposite side.

“Yes, speak up..”, she said this time.

I felt this is the only chance & it’s the right time to express my feelings. I moved my head down towards ground. “I did that for myself”, I said.

” What ? “, they both said in unison.

I raised my eyes and looked in her eyes. ” Nothing “, i said, ” it’s just that I can’t see an angle’s eyes filled with tears and you are very beautiful, watery eyes doesn’t suit you. When I looked at you, tears were rolling down your cheeks and were meeting with those lips that are meant to just smile, because smile is something, which I feel is your trademark, because when you smile, my heart laughs, because when you smile, I feel happy, because when you smile, I feel safe, because when you smile, you make my living on this Earth worthwhile. Then, you only say how could I risk all this ? So, I didn’t do that to save you from this guy or anything, I just did all that for myself.” Being an engineer student, i felt it’s the best way to use your mind to tell your feelings.

As I spoke all this, mine eyes were still admiring those brown blinking eyes, which at that time also were controlling my heart beats.

“Do you even know, who I am? ” The guy spoke.

I turned towards him. ” No”, I said, ” and don’t even want to know.”

“I’m her brother”, he said.

As he said this, my jaw fell. My confidence again said hello to the ground. I don’t know how to react.

“Listen dude”, she said, ” I don’t know you. You don’t know me. I don’t even know your name. You are just a random guy from my college and you did all this just to stop my tears.”

There were no more guts in me. I didn’t speak anything, I just nodded.

“Crap, I told you, this guy is insane”, her brother said.

“Yeah, I totally agree with you bro”, she said. Both the brother & sister were on my either side and talking about me but my eyes were still fascinated by the ground and were not in a mood of leaving it alone. I didn’t move as the bro-sis conversation was going on.

“Let it be. Leave him and let’s go from here”, he said.

“Go ?? Why ??”, she said,” he touched me. How can I leave him? This guy deserves a punishment & I will give him ?”

“Okkayy ! cool, carry on”, her brother said.

It was like, I was a prisoned chicken and the brother-sister were planning how to cut me down and I can’t do anything, I just had to wait for my end time. That time was very offending, but it wasn’t in my hands.

“Listen”, i said, “It’s just that I like you a lot.”

“Like ?? “, she uttered.

“I mean, more than like.”

“More than like, that seems preety interesting”, her brother uttered,” so, mister, can you explain this more than like stuff ?”

“I had been following you from the very first day of college”, I said, ” I tried to follow each and every movement of yours and the more I saw you, the more I fell in love with you. I tracked you from college gate to washroom and then washroom to canteen, then canteen to class, class to canteen, canteen to washroom, I had been doing this since last four years, just because when I see your face, something strikes my heart and which tells me that you are that girl. I don’t know why it was that, there were so many more beautiful girls than you in our college, but I had no idea why my heart was attached with you.”

“This is just because we both are made for each other”, she responded.

“W-w-h-h-a-a-t-t ??” , this time, I & her brother shouted together.

She nodded. I moved my eyes to look at her. Her face was down as if she made a confession, a true confession perhaps. Her eyes were close and lips stick together. She was looking like a fairy, a fairy in a light pink gown with a crown of red roses over her head. Slowly she opened up her eyes, raised her face and looked at me. That was the third time, my eyes met her eyes. I was stunned, don’t know what to say.

“Akansha, are you serious? You and this guy?”, her brother shouted.

What the hell did he mean by this statement, I thought. If he had said that earlier, I would have knocked him down, but know the scenario was different. Now, he was about to become my brother in law, so I controlled my action and concentrated on my girl.

“Yeah! Aayush bro, me & this guy”, she said.

“But why ?” , Aaysuh said,” I mean, you can get better than him, in brains as well as in looks too.”

” I agree with you”, she said, “that I can get far more better guy than him but I won’t get anyone like him and I don’t even wanna get anyone like him, I just want him.”

I pinched my left hand using my right-hand fingers as the everything I was hearing from her, I never have imagined any of them in my dreams and all of that was happening with me in reality. Her words that she only wants me were like an open ticket for me to her.

” Some people are destined for each other and we are one of them “, she said. He must have been following me from past four years but am following him since last 10 years.”

” Last 10 years?” Aaysuh said in a shocking way, “but that time we were in Banglore and 4 years ago we came back here in Delhi.”

“Yeah, but before going to Banglore, we used to live in Delhi only”, Akansha said.

” So ??” Aayush replied to her.

” Brother, you remember our neighbour and my best friend Alisha?”

” Alisha Singh? Daughter of uncle Anil Singh? am I right?” Aayush uttered.

” Yeah, Alisha Singh”, Akansha said,” Rohan is his cousin and for the first time I met him at Alisha’s house when I went to met Alisha before leaving for Banglore. There only I saw him for the first time and from that day, I started liking him. I took Alisha’s Dad number to stay in touch with her. But directly I never told Alisha about him. After my class 12, I forced Dad to come back to Delhi so that I could study with Rohan in the same college and make him mine.”

“This is ridiculous, Akansha. You know just because of this guy, you called me up from Banglore. You have no idea, how much important work I have missed because of you. It’s really gonna affect our business”, Aayush responded in frustation. Anger was bursting out from his eyes.

She again started to cry. In her sobbing voice, she said, ” That’s the problem bhaiya. You and Dad, both are that much involved in the business that you have no concern of your family.”

“Stop this non-sense”, Aayush shouted.

” Please don’t yell, brother. I just called you up here because  the day before yesterday Dad called me and said that he had fixed my marriage with any Kapoor’s son”, Akansha uttered.

” I know”, Aaysuh said,” this decision was taken infront of me.”

” But where am I in all this ?” Akansha shouted.

” What do you mean to say?” Aayush asked.

” Dad took the decision of my marriage without asking me, whether am I ready for this marriage or not. He forgot about my dreams, my life, my carrer, my everything just because that Kapoor, who will help Dad in the expansion of  his business”, Akansha said, ” he didn’t even think of asking Mom about this. He fixed the marriage just like his business deal. Is this my value?”

” Umm..I don’t kno..”, Aayush said, his voice going down.

” This is today’s reality, Brother. I called you up here so that you will understand me and help me get out of this”, Akansha said,” but no, I was wrong. You too have become like Dad, a money minded person. Bhaiya, you and Dad, both have forgotten the value of relationships, that’s why there is a lot of stress in your work. I should not say this, but you had forgotten the value of a human being, you only run after money. Indeed, you are very poor, all you have is just money”.

These words from Akansha put Aayush’s head down & tears fell from his eyes too. Both brother and sister were crying infront of me.

After few minutes Akansha said,” Speak up Brother, speak up”.

He didn’t move. I think he knew that Akansha was right and that’s why he wasn’t even able to face her. Akansha perfectly hit the target that,” We humans with the course of time, forget human relations and their values just because of these small bits of paper. When money starts controlling our lives, then our close one’s start moving out.”

Akansha came close to me and hugged me. With every passing second, her hug was becoming more and more tight. I was loving it.

After that hug, she moved back and went to Aayush. With her hands she moved her face upwards and kissed him on his forehead and said,” Sorry! Brother. I didn’t want to hurt you but you have changed a lot. I want my brother back again, who used to love me more than anything else in this whole world. I want him back so that I can proudly say that you are my brother”.

Aayush hugged Akansha and said ” You are right. Because of this money, I and Dad have negleted you and Mom. We behaved like snoots. We felt you and Mom, as our work not our family, that’s why all this happened. But now, you don’t worry, you don’t have to marry that Kapoor’s son. You will live with the one you love”.

” But this is not possible”, I intruded,  ” Akansha has to marry that Kapoor’s son.”

” What ??” again that bro-sis combo shouted in unison.

I covered my ears with my hands after this noise pollution attack. ” Yeah”, I replied.

” I love you, Rohan, I really do”, Akansha pleaded.

” I also love you, Akansha, but I can’t go against my Dad “, I said, ” last week, my Dad informed me that he too has fixed my marriage with one of his friend’s daughter. Once I get out of the college, then within two months I had to marry that girl.”

” You are a guy”, Akansha said,” You could have opposed your father’s decision.”

” How could I ?” I said ,” I had been in love with you but I had no idea that you too love me.”

There was complete silence after this. None of us spoke anything because now there was nothing left to be expressed.

” I wish I could spend the rest of my life with you Akansha, but fate isn’t our side, I said in low voice,” Now, I feel that you go and marry the guy your Dad chose for you & I will marry Mr. Prakash Sharma’s daughter.”

” What ??” that was just the hike. Those bro-sis were mad. Their shouting of “what” would make me deaf.

” What ?” I replied back.

” Did you say Prakash Sharma”, Aayush questioned.

” Yes! I said Prakash Sharma” I replied.

” My Dad is prakash Sharma”, Akansha said.

” Hell yeah. I know this”, I said.

” W-w-h-h-a-a-t-t ?? ” Aayush and Akansha shouted in unsion.

” Please stop shouting, twin brats”, I said them in anger.

” I only told my Dad to talk to your Dad about our marriage”, I said.

” W-w-h-h-a-a-t-t ??” Aayush and Akansha  again shouted in unsion.

I nodded. ” My Dad just like your Dad is also a money concious person”, I said,” earlier he rejected it but when from the business point of view he realised that your Dad’s business could help him in his business then he agreed in one go.”

” But, how do you know about my Dad and ….”, she was shocked when she asked this.

” It’s just that only you don’t have the authority to fall in love with someone at first sight”, I said, ” When I saw you first time 10 years ago, at Alisha’s house, I also liked you. I don’t know what it was but your smile touched my heart and it remained there only as I grew up.”

” Means when I came in college, you already knew that am that girl ?” Akansha asked.

” Only you can’t follow someone from last ten years, someone was also following you since then”, I winked at her as I said this.

Her lips went so widely and fastly that it was the cutest smile of her’s. I fell in love with her again. She jumped on to me & hugged me. She started kissing me all over the face excpet leaving the lips.

I stopped her, held her with both my hands, my eyes looking into her’s and I said,” A passion is necessary for achieving your love & same way that same passion is necessary for holding on to that love. For me, my passion is your smile and I won’t do anything that will bring down your smile.”

She bought her lips close and placed them into mine lips. Her warm breath was an invitation and my lips passionately. We kissed. We cleared our first base of our love.

“But then why didn’t you go to her”, Aaysuh interrupted.

I turned to him and said,” It’s just that earlier I used to care a lot of my self esteem, my ego was more important than anything. I was pretty much sure that she herself will come up to me but that didn’t happen. Just because of this negative attitude I might have lost my love, but all thanks to my friends, who made me realise that in life people are more important than everything, more important than money, ego, prestige and even success.”

” You know what ?” Akansha said, ” Whenever I used to miss you, I used to sleep and dream of you because somewhere within my heart I had this belief, that someday, somehow, somewhere, you and I, will be together forever..

— raman thukral


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