When efforts goes unnoticed,

Feelings get devastated,

Life appears boring and dull,

Every work seems futile and null,

At that point, giving up is the only option that feels alive,

As it’s better to die, than pursuing an aimless life.

But before you quit, think once..

Just because someone else broke your heart,

It doesn’t mean, everyone will do the same,

It’s difficult to live when you are hurt,

But, you need to realize, this is life and it’s not less than a game.

Not every time you will get happiness,

Not every time you will win,

You just have to accept the beautiful moments,

And throw the worst one’s in the bin,

Because wherever you may go,

You can’t control the flow.

Everything would reach you at the right time,

Though it may reach up late,

But, the old the wine,

The better it tastes.

So, better don’t waste tears,

Instead, improve yourself,

By overcoming your fears.

As only the fearless ones conquer the world,

Rest only praise them, through their words.

So do, whatever you wanna do,

Follow your dreams and make them come true,

Don’t live restricted and walk out of shame,

Because this is life, and it’s not less than a game.

— raman thukral