Damn! It was just the first time I got a chance to see her. And the curve just under her nose was controlling the beats of my heart. And her eyes that weren’t looking at me. I wish I could have known some black magic tricks to move her eyes to me. But I was helpless at that too.

And that’s when I realized how hurtful it is to be in love.

The distance between us was just a few feet, but in, the reality we were separated by miles.

A girl I fell in love with by just looking at her profile photo. That happens all the time. The term ‘relationships’ is now getting replaced by ‘digitalationship’.

“Where did you find her”, asked my young brat sister.

“By the grace of God”, I uttered very softly, “She just happen to like a post on my blog”.

And after that, I didn’t hear a word from my sister’s mouth. She just went into a state of constant laughing. She thanked me for telling her about my new love.

“And what’s her nativity”, she asked, I don’t know why.

“Australia”, I guess.

And she again went on increasing the blood in her body and it made me look like a fool.

“Now, don’t fantasize about her”, she commented, “She isn’t your one in 7 billion”.

I stole my eyes after hearing her words.

“You are already on that track”, she exclaimed, “Man, you are just too much. You know, just too much”.

“Love sees nothing. It has no boundaries and it..”

“Just stop right there”, she intruded, “I’m fully aware of your love”.

I didn’t know what to say after that. I just turned on the laptop and got busy with my work. But the little maniac didn’t move. She was standing there, staring at me.

“What do you want?” I shouted at her.

“I’m just trying to measure your level of dumbness”.

“Listen, that enough of you. Just get out of …”

“Maybe you are not dumb”, she interrupted.

“Then”, I inquired with full enthusiasm.

“I got a better word, you are desperate”, she giggled.

“It’s not desperation. It’s something you will never understand. It’s dedication”.

“Okay, if you say so. But let’s get the facts clear”, she uttered calmly, “You never saw her in person. She’s an image on a screen. She is a random girl who has a passion of blogging and she just liked your blog.”

She paused for a moment. I don’t know what caused her to go into the hiatus state.

“Do you even know her real name”, and that was the great stroke of the genius.

And indeed, again my response was a negation.

“Seriously, man. Hats off to you. You deserve something, I don’t know what it is, but literally, you are one heck of something, bro.”

I was very well aware that she wanted to abuse me, but just because I was his brother, she couldn’t go on swearing me, but yeah, I got her feeling very well.

“Is there any chance of even contacting her”, she asked me very patiently.

I don’t know why she was patronizing me. I didn’t like that mode of her. I like when her beast mode is on.

“I don’t know yet. I haven’t tried. As soon as I saw her photo, I …”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it”, she tried to shut down my non-sense talk.

“Is there any way out?”

“You see”, she said, “Being a girl myself, your act is a real act of desperation. And no girl would ever fall for such a thing. And especially you are a hopeless romantic, if somehow through some magical combinations of the cosmic powers, you happen to contact her, how the hell will you two be able to know the real self of each other’s?”

“Is there anything you can help me with?”

“What’s her name, I mean, the name of her blog?”

“She’s a seeker”, I uttered.

“I got it”, she said with excitement.

I jumped off the chair with double excitement.

“Post something like this…

My heart has been torn

And you’re the only healer

All I’m doing is waiting

Waiting, for the love of a seeker”.

— raman thukral



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