Whenever I look in the mirror,

I never see myself,

I try hard to find me,

But every time end up finding you.

Tears fall,

Not because i am lost

But because you didn’t see what I see,

I saw you in me, but you never saw me.

Is this the only pain I had to live with,

Or there’s something more?

Are you okay to hurt me this much,

Or you wanna knock me down to the floor?

I pray for your happy life,

But without me your life wouldn’t be a bliss,

No matter how much ignorant you become,

One day you will end up missing all this.

But then, I would be gone

Gone to a place, so far

Where no one would recognize me,

Like a black whole among the stars.

That time, you will cry out loud

Not to get into fears,

You would pray to have me back,

But you wouldn’t even find me in your tears.

Your soul would be dying from inside,

And outside you will witness horror,

And then you will find me,

When you will look into the mirror.

— raman thukral


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