Love, the word that inspired me once,

Is now like millions of fully loaded guns,

The feeling that sparked positivity,

Has now turned into my greatest resistivity.

The emotion that connects countless number of folks,

And it’s the only desire that because of which my heart got a stroke.

Sometimes, I think, it was your smile only,

That made me fell for you,

And now that am totally lonely,

I realize my mistake’s value.

I wish I could have stopped at that moment,

I wish I could have ignored my heart’s stupid testament,

That these smoky eyes are only illusion,

When I will face the reality, I will die of this fake emotion.

I don’t know whose mistakes it was,

This feeling’s, yours or mine?

As you have no idea, how difficultly I survived,

But without you, this living isn’t divine.

My survival is futile as I didn’t see myself smiling,

The only picture I visualize is our hearts are getting combining.

There is nothing to hide,

Everything is clear and everything is alright,

It’s neither a murder nor a suicide,

Every night I sleep hugging my pillow tight,

With a hope,

That I may die tonight.

— raman thukral


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