I was passing the corridor

When saw her first time picking up her scarf from the floor

Her teeth biting the pin & hands handling hair

She gave me a look which was very fair

I looked into her round black eyes but she stole the glare

I moved towards her and she started walking with fear

I stopped and looked down, she paused and turned around

Her eyes looking at me & my heart rolling down

Her lips going wide & my heart rolling down

She came towards me & my heart rolling down

She passed my side giving me a huge smile

My heart beat fast as never happened before

I felt something different & I was not myself anymore

I wanted to move but went motionless

I wanted to talk but went speechless

My soul going up and my senses going down

I cried and laughed at the same time


I will never forget that girl…that girl with a cute smile…

— raman thukral