Love is always mysterious,

Sometimes it makes life fun and sometimes serious,

As the more I try to forget you,

The more my heart feels for you.

The more I wanted to go away,

There was always something that pulled me to stay.

To make you mine, I walked slowly like a snail,

And that was the reason why I get fail,

Because I thought you won’t leave,

And staying with you was my only motive.

The day you left, after that,

I walk alone even in herds,

Why don’t you understand miss?

These are my feelings, not just words.

Now tell me how much time more do I have to wait?

When will you accept me as your mate?

Because my heart and mind are in debate,

That I only love you, and you just hate.

I want to prove everyone wrong,

But alone am not that much strong,

For this, I need your hands in mine,

And wanna hold them till the sun shines,

With you, I feel complete,

And you make my life more concrete,

Like before, this time also I’m really true,

Believe me,

There is no me without you..

— raman thukral


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