You became the meaning of my life

From the day, I was born,

My life was simple,

I was happy,

But was missing the dimples.

There was no excitement,

I felt the good time was on rent,

With depression in heart,

And loneliness in life,

All I ever imagined was ending it with a knife.

But something from inside stopped me,

Don’t know what it was?

May be an indication from the lord,

That the best phase hasn’t been experienced,

Which was off to my life’s boring trend,

Because till that time, the perfect moment were very few,

Or rather say, I didn’t have YOU..

The day you arrived,

My heart was bribed,

Your sweet face and cute smile,

For them, I was ready to run a thousand miles.

Only you were on my mind,

My eyes only wanted to see you,

Or else I was blind.

Your blazing eyes drove me crazy,

And I started feeling lazy,

You were the key of my dead heart’s lock,

And the only reason to live life, without the flock.

With you, I met myself again,

I was so happy and away from pain,

Only best things were happening,

I was flying without the wings,

I never had a wonderful time and never will,

Can’t all this be paused as it is?

I always want you to be by my side,

Because you became the meaning of my life..

— raman thukral


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