She held my hand in hers,

I felt this is the time when she will break all the barriers,

Her eyes looking at me,

And my eyes looking at hers,

Don’t knows what was there?

But I wasn’t able to control my glare.

And then she moved her lips & the silence was broken,

When the unexpected words were spoken,

Her saying that I don’t deserve her, I deserve someone better,

She said that with knowing the fact,

That she only completes me, am nothing without her.

Her eyes were saying something else,

I wanted to ask her,

That is she doing right with ourselves?

But my mind stopped me,

Stopped me not to inquire anything,

From someone who wished to leave the person,

Who keeps her before every thing,

But from now my life will be at a pause,

As there is no point to continue,

My heart is damaged,

And you are the only one who can do the rescue,

Because all I ever wanted is you…

— raman thukral