Till My Last Breath

To me, my life at each point has always been unfair,

For the close ones I always cared,

But whenever I needed them, no one was there.

Other’s actions put me in resentment,

But what to say about you, you were different.

Everyone pushed me back silently,

And you used to do it directly,

We can’t be more than friends,

These words were always on your lips,

But these were not enough to defend you miss,

Because love is the highest form of friendship.

Till that time, it was too late to stop,

As my heart had already reached the overtop,

You have decided not to move,

You might stay alone but you won’t approve, the heart who loves you like hell,

And is afraid to lose you,

It’s one thing I wanna tell,

That whatever you may do,

My love will always continue,

My one-sided love may not take me anywhere,

But with this feeling, I feel am much above than a billionaire,

Loving you like this will definitely take me to death,

I still remember the first day we met,

Since then am loving you,

And will love you…till my last breath.

— raman thukral


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