When I saw you for the first time,

I decided to make you mine,

But I never expected that it will happen so fast,

Now I want you to remain in my life till last.

I don’t want you to know,

But I think one day it may show,

That you are the one I was hoping for,

And after meeting you, you made it sure,

That bad time is over,

And the worst part has gone,

With you, the happiness will shower,

And I please you to stay forever,

No matter how tough is the phase,

The smile from your lips will never fade,

Because your smile is my survival reason,

And I swear will not give you up in any season,

As the feelings I got,

It won’t come again, I thought,

But you did the magic,

It isn’t less than a tragic,

May we face bends

And hope our relation never witness the end,

Just praying to live with you soon,

To spend a night in your laps beneath the moon,

Just hoping to be with you,

So that I can loudly tell that,


— raman thukral


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