I don’t know why that happened,

Except loving you, I didn’t have any passion.

Despite of many problems, when I see your dimply smile,

You make my living on this planet a worthwhile.

I’m ready for continuous twenty-four hour chase,

Just to see your sweet cute face.

When I look at the sky during night,

I find, there’s nothing more beautiful than your eyes.

Your eyes provide me immense pleasure,

It’s just like, I found a lost treasure.

But whenever I try to approach,

Your heart shows the sign, do not cross,

The more you push me back,

The more you make my heart hack.

It’s just that..no matter how many times

It has been broken,

How many times you kicked it out of the way,

No matter how much you made me jealous,

But every time I found you fabulous.

You have no idea, how much I am mad for you,

Sometimes I feel…my heart was born to love you..

— raman thukral