My whole life would be a waste,

If I hadn’t met you.

Although we are apart,

But still, you occupy a permanent place in my heart.

You know it, that you are very special,

You made my world heaven,

When it was dull.

I don’t know it was real or just an illusion?

Whatever it was,

I really loved that situation.

Though I had nothing,

But you were with me,

And to me, it only meant everything.

I still miss those days,

And keep looking for some ways,

To have you back in my arms,

And protect you from every harm.

Because, the way you stole my heart was clever,

And am sure you will keep it forever.

The love won’t fade after a while,

I wanna walk with you & cover miles,

Because your laugh makes my heart smile.

— raman thukral