Quit Playing Games With My Heart

For the first time, we met

I didn’t remember the time

But from that second only

I felt you are mine

From that day, we ought to be together

And I meant it forever

When I was with you I always had a smile

But in the end, I realized it was for a while

That commitment was broken

Without knowing the reason

Till now waiting for the answer

That how much more I had to suffer

You always treated me as an option

But I believed in you as my own

You were the cheese and I was the rat

Your sweet nature changed to bitter

But I never minded that

Because in the end, I only wanted you

No matter how much wild you grew

As my love was pure

And it will remain the same it’s definitely sure

My life lost its rhythm

Still looking for the solution

Don’t know what to do

How to continue without you

Your memories force me to shout loud

Make me lonely in the crowd

I’m that much attached to you

That sometimes I forgot myself for you

The pain you gave

Never lets me have a new start

You better quit playing games with my heart…

— raman thukral


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