Love Of Life

When everyone around starts disappearing,

And only one face everywhere starts revolving,

Then people say, it is love.

When all blockbuster songs feel like noise,

And you spend all day, all night

Listening to one person’s voice,

Then people say, it is love.

When you spend sleepless nights,

Thinking about only one person in your dreamy eyes,

Then people say, it is love.

I too had experienced love

But never felt like this,

Don’t know why people hide the reality?

And try to live in a myth.

Being in love is something that can’t be explained,

It’s something that retains us in life

When we get detained.

It’s not about wasting time in each other dreams,

It’s about being with each other for their dreams.

It’s not about spending sleepless nights,

It’s about staying with each other, even after small-small fights.

It’s not about leaving when there’s nothing,

It’s about holding each other hands,

Even after losing everything.

Being in love is a very pure feeling

For any problem in life,

It’s the only medicine for healing.

But today people have forgotten this emotion

They accept other’s heart as a donation.

But truly speaking,

Without any cheating,

When you are still alive, after cutting every single nerve with knife,

Then you can proudly say,

You got the real love of your life…

— raman thukral


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