I was living the life like a criminal,

My case was different and critical,

It was difficult to express,

Because I was full of fear,

That if I didn’t get the success,

I would perhaps break into tears.

Therefore, I just admired you from distance,

I was deeply in love with you,

But you were unaware of my existence.

Sometimes it was like you were saying, love me at your own risk

And the more I imagined it, the more it became difficult to resist

But I thought you and I can never be a couple,

Because I am still the dumb guy and you are the shining sparkle.

I was pretty confident that you won’t accept,

But later this thing didn’t affect.

Because love sees no boundaries,

It provides happiness and reduces our worries,

You have occupied whole of my heart,

You live in its every corner,

You become my home,

I will be your shelter,

Let me spend the rest of my life,

As your prisoner…

— raman thukral



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