I Never Cared

My lips gradually smile,

But that happens for a while,

Then tears fall down, whenever you come on my mind,

My heart loses itself, I fail to excel,

Because your memories control me from behind.

Everyone advised me to forget about you,

That you have gone, you were my past,

I tried a lot and gave up at last,

Because I found out, however, anyone may make efforts,

But roses can’t be grown in deserts.

It’s not like that I can’t live without you,

It’s just that I don’t want to,

Because your presence adds more meaning,

It makes me feel that I’m living.

Everything was going with the flow,

But there was something that made the bond shallow,

There was smile but no security,

Because for me you were, but maybe, I wasn’t your priority,

That’s where the differences were created,

And the situation became more complicated,

I tried to figure out what we both went through,

But it was useless according to you.

Love is very difficult to express,

Sometimes there is a lot of care but the person fails to impress,

Same case was ours.

In all I can say is,

There was something magical,


You never cared to know

And I never cared to show.

— raman thukral


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