When I was a child,

I was unbridled and wild,

Happiness was always there,

Everything seemed achievable without any fear.

And as the years passed,

I wanted the happiness to last,

But the same agenda wasn’t on the elder’s mind,

And they started teaching me stuff, which wasn’t of my kind,

The trap was laid without any assault,

And before I could realize, I was an adult.

The shackles of responsibilities held my hands,

I wanted to fly, but couldn’t get off the land.

As I saw others, they too seemed in the same situation,

But unlike me, they were in total comfort with that condition.

I turned to more people, to find some help to drop these chains,

And everyone advised me to stop making efforts,

And accept this drain.

The routine life that everyone seemed to follow,

Was making each one of them hollow,

But that feeling of freedom was stuck with my heart,

I promised to not give up taking every hurt.

Seeing my efforts, the others threw disgust,

But I didn’t stop,

I wanted to kill my thirst.

The efforts are being made in that direction,

And I know I will reach my destination.

Either I will conquer or I will end up in tears,

But one thing in my head is clear,

No matter what happens, I won’t adopt a routine life full of mess,

Because being normal is easy, but it’s equal to lifeless.

— raman thukral


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