Someday Somehow Somewhere

I always prayed for that time

And eventually it happened

You were with me

And the world around me shattered

When you looked at me, I felt shy

That time I wanted to fly and touch the sky

Don’t know why

But my love for you went high

When your lips showered me a smile

It felt life is living worthwhile

When your words reached my ears

I forgot all the fears

Life appeared so simple

My cheeks themselves formed dimples

When we made the touch

My senses lost all their work

and heart beat so loud

I thought it would definitely come out..

soon the light fell on my eyes

it was time for sunrise

then I realised it was just a dream

in which you were only supreme

as you were only with me in my dreams

but when it comes to reality

the water from the eyes fills upto the brim

you bought the happiness that I never felt

and made this stone heart melt

for my wounds only your smile is the heal

I won’t leave you in any weather

because apart from dreams, in reality, I feel

that someday somewhere & I..will be together..forever..

— raman thukral


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