You Are Still My Princess

I still remember that time,

We were standing in rain,

When last time you hugged me,

And left me to suffer the pain.

I still remember that kiss,

Which you used to give me

Whenever life wasn’t bliss.

I still remember our sitting in park,

With your head on my shoulder,

From the shining Sun in the morning

Till the evening, when the sky got dark.

I still remember those sweet naps,

Which you provided me in your laps.

I still remember that lovely touch,

Which excited me too  much.

I still remember our non-sense fights,

That who counted more the stars during nights.

I still remember those silent walks,

With our hands cluthed like locks.

I still remember your naughty request,

That were hard to digest,

To carry you on my back

And drop you to home without taking a gap.

I still remember that time,

When you prayed to God

For always being mine,

And promised, to not leave me in the middle of the road.

But you left… you left me.. because you felt that love between us was less

But you might never know this

You are still my sweet princess.

— raman thukral


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