It was the first time after the break-up,

that we got a chance to catch up,

I was still sinking in her memories,

yet was blissfully made for this grief.


Roaming through the party

my eyes stopped at her

that innocent face was still innocent

those pretty eyes were still lovely

those charming lips were still convincing

my three-year relationship again started revolving

I was still sinking in her memories

yet was blissfully made for this grief


she caught my eyes

and my heart rate began to rise

my mind and heart started the fight

that what to do tonight

my eyes were stuck at her

as this time will not return ever

I wanted to talk to her

just wanna know about her.

that how’s she without me

and wanted to tell

am nothing without her

but her actions clarified my eager

they worked like fire on water

still she is mine but am not her’s

all I feel is that

we are just the perfect known strangers…

— raman thukral