There Is No One Who Misses You More Than Me

Months have passed, years have gone,

But the love seeds are still growing, that were sown.

I have no idea how to control my feelings,

Because my heart is not lost, it was you, who made the stealing.

I wish I could get my heart back,

But it refuses to leave your track,

He too knows there is pain & misery,

But in that pain he only finds glory.

My eyes only shed tears,

And each falling tear wishes you were here,

Your presence in my life always makes me delight,

Even the wrong doing seems right.

My faith in you is still not moved,

And people say that I wasn’t loved; I was just used.

Sometimes these words pinch a lot,

But when you will see my feelings, you won’t find any knot,

Now all these feelings are getting buried,

Under the heavy weight of your sweet memories.

I wish you get all time hiccups,

And you pray to God for their close up,

I hope my remembrance strike you in the plea,

Because there is no one who misses you more than me..

— raman thukral


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