On the last day of the college,

We are filled with dreams and hopes,

But then something strange happens,

And most of us end up taking jobs.

Sure an easy way to fill pockets,

But we must be careful whether we are collecting diamonds,

Or just putting nuts in the basket?

The limitless energy that we possess,

Is projected over something useless,

And at the end, our lives get occupied by worries and stress.

This messy lifestyle is considered modern,

Where our bodies suffer and our souls burn.

But we don’t focus on this wreck,

As our attention is directed towards the monthly paycheck.

Where did all those dreams go?

Where did all those ambitions fly?

Why we not take the obvious step?

Why we choose to live a lie?

Maybe because our greed has changed the definition of success,

And forced each one of us to play this game of chess,

Where the one who opts for a peaceful life is the loser,

And the one who impresses others, is crowned as the winner.

Just in case if you forget, I would love to remind,

At any point you can open your eyes; you are not blind,

And let me fill your ears with a little pith,

Living a blissful life is neither a crime nor a myth.

So, do something that makes you feel alive,

Jump off the mountains or perform a skydive,

As the days we have got on this planet are not countable,

And it’s futile to always look for an angle,

There is fun in being wrong too,

As then only you can get to know the real you,

Don’t just stare at the bridge; run and do some damage,

Seeing you the other will inspire, and we shall experience,

A great lineage of courage.

— raman thukral






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