What Do YOU DO?

Have you ever wondered, that why there is so much of hanky-panky? We are always, always in some kind of rush. We are always running. We are always running, yet we are never on time. One of the Greatest irony of life.

We are always busy, yet we don’t accomplish something great.

We are always working, yet we haven’t got that great success which everyone says comes from hard work.

We all want comfort, but have we all got it?

Not to sound arrogant, but YES, we haven’t got the comfort. We are X-Miles away.

And ‘X’ only depends on us. On our willingness. And on our decision.

What the real matter is, most of us are walking in the wrong direction. Each one of us wants to achieve the ultimate. And the best part is, each one of us can. And that too, very easily.

Well, if it is that much easy, then why we are deprived?

We all have a great amount of focus. We can achieve anything we want. To kindle a fire, the magnifying lens needs to be pointed at one point. Everyone knows this. Studied in fourth grade.

But the thing that we might be lacking is, no matter how much you focus the lens, you just can’t burn a stone from that magnifying lens.

And that stone is different for everyone.

What we tend to do is copy others. We see someone igniting something and enjoying the heat. We intend to do the same. What we need to understand is that specific person was able to spark it because he chose his point where to focus the sun rays. We all miss this.

We all miss this.

And this point is what matters the most. Because everyone gets the same intensity of sunlight. Everyone has the same magnifying glass. The only thing that remains after that is our ability to use the light and the lens at the most appropriate place. And that place is never ever same for everyone.

Because we didn’t come from a manufacturing company. We are different products. We are created by the biggest creator. The same creator who created these stars and planets. The creator who created these uncountable galaxies. The creator who created every single atom.

Even the two strands of your hair are not same. Then how come we chose to do the things that everyone else is doing? It’s like we are wasting a lot of efforts of the creator. And not to forget about the immense creativity. We are destroying it.

And the reason for it is this. We have established all grounds of seeking the physical comfort. But mentally, we are still crying. We aren’t at comfort at all. And by the pace and in the direction we are treading, we will never be.

Just a little example.

When we meet someone, how we greet them?

First, we ask their names, if meeting them for the first time. Then we usually shake hands. And the next is how they are doing? And then?



Exactly. And to be true here. The name, the handshake and the how you are doing stuff is futile. These are just a formality. Because we have installed a program in our mind that these three questions show that you have good manners.

But no one gives a damn. The moment we leave them, we use the fucking hand sanitizer. Everyone is stressed with something or the other. No one gives a fuck about how he is doing or how she is doing.

Until, we get to know what they do.

If they are at a designation higher than us, their name will be praised. We die to get a handshake with them. And we pray for their well-being.

But if someone is at a lower position than us. Well, who the fuck are you? That’s the finish line.

What actually is happening here is, the higher designation means the person is a success. And everyone is attracted towards success. We have been taught this since childhood. To befriend those who can help you and unfriend those who may use you.

When a person of lower possession meets us, we tend to disregard him. Because his wallet is not thick as ours? In simple words, he’s not a success in front of us. He’s a loser. And that’s what brings a comfort. A mental solace. That at least, there is someone in this damn hall, who is below me.

But this solace is temporary. Once we are out of the room, the whole damn world is our rival. And in that world, the once above us appear on the front page of newspapers, cover pages of magazines, we see them giving speeches on television. We hear about them. We read about them. We talk about them. We praise them. We follow them.

But what we don’t do is, we don’t learn from them.


Don’t be a part of something that doesn’t connect with you. Money is important. Respect is important. But if you keep these things above your happiness, then you need a big shake.

Don’t be in control of anything. The X-Miles can easily be crossed. Make efforts to be as close as these miles. Don’t think the people with money will cross the X-Miles faster than you. Because Ferrari doesn’t reach there. You got to travel by naked feet. Because no bridge can be constructed. You got to use the road less travelled.

But don’t be afraid. We have that power. You had been using it from a very long time to have a repo of yourself in this society. But all your efforts were unconscious. Open your mind and consciously seek the ultimate. Because once the taste the ultimate, this materialism will fade away. This physicality will blow. And all you will be left will be YOU.

Because then you will be aware that where you are going. And no one can stop the person who knows what his destination is.

Our souls have nothing to do with our work, fame, money and possessions. Nor does it has anything to do with our relationships with others. Until we feel happy in whatever situation we are or who we are with, our souls are delighted.

— raman thukral


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