I would be lying if I say I don’t miss you

But whether I’m dead or alive

You don’t have any clue.

The distance between us is just a few miles

And it’s been years

Now I feel I’m on an exile.

But one thing is clear, you and I can never be together

And something it hits me

For destroying me, God chose you as a baiter.

Certainly, I’m not dead yet

Interestingly, I’m also not living

Perhaps, I’m in a state of constant fret.

Falling for you has been my greatest mistake

I had this intuition that I would fail

Still I put everything on the stake.

Because I was sure that when you will enter

There will be no confusion

And that would be my life’s answer.

Eventually, nothing as such happened

I was just dreaming

And now I’m standing at the dead-end.

My head is still up

Not because I plead to have you

But because without you, there is something perfect in my cup.

It’s just that I’m a little upset

I could have choose bliss instead of you

But you aren’t with me, there is still no regret.

Without you, I’m alive on wine

You are the love,

The love that was never mine.

— raman thukral



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