Every breath of mine counts your name,

Your initials set me up on a flame,

Every nerve that carries blood,

Seems as if you brought the flood,

After meeting you it feels like my heart got raid,

My soul experiences relief under your shade,

Don’t know what magic you did,

Now am used to it and don’t wanna get rid,

I finish every stuff in hurry,

To spend time with your memories,

My heart is mine but it beats for you,

No matter how far you go, it will only feel for you,

Till the old age, I will be the same,

The one who loves you,

Leaving behind all the fame.

Don’t know where this path will lead?

For my survival, you are the only need,

You are my every dream, I want you to know,

But like dreams, I don’t want you to go,

Because my heart had your picture,

Pasted with glue,

And it says,

Wanna grow old with you…

— raman thukral