Whenever I open this WordPress account,

I do it just to check the amount,

Just to see the increment,

On my latest posted events.

Surely, not every time I see the fat numbers,

But, certainly, I get to see her.

Every single time there is a notification,

And without any confusion,

I get to know, except her, it can be no one.

It’s strange because I never saw her,

Never talked to her,

Don’t know anything about her,

I rarely visit her blog,

I barely read her posts,

But she ends up reading all my quotes.

I guess she’s from Australia,

And a great fan of whisky and tequila,

Only after two shots down, she bangs on the floor,

Don’t know about her, but the floor enjoys, that’s for sure.

She doesn’t plan for tomorrow, she’s a dreamer,

She won’t settle for anything small, indeed, she will achieve something much bigger.

Her blog says she’s single,

And she looks like an angel,

To me, she is reminiscent of a live wire,

And as she says, she will set the bed on fire.

She’s beautiful, she’s free, she’s happy

She explores, she laughs, she enjoys in rain

One must try to live a life,

A life as Lucy Jane.

— raman thukral


7 thoughts on “LIFE AS LUCY JANE”

    1. I’m glad I did put a smile on your face.
      I liked the name of your blog. It’s intimidating. And I just couldn’t stop myself from using it.
      I hope I won’t face copyright charges. 😀
      And I do have a tiny question/request…which one is you in your Display Pic ?? 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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