The power of love that reins over you

Being in love is not an easy task,

Sometimes you have to compromise,

And for that, you got live under a mask.

Everyone says, ‘never change for others’,

But what to do?

When being with others, helps us reduce our errors.

It’s complicated and hard to explain,

But you had to keep moving,

Even if you are feeling the pain.

Because this suffering is temporary,

And on the other side,

Lies the glory.

That’s why not everyone succeeds,

As most of us leave the track,

By just facing some normal bleeds.

The path of love has to be difficult,

Because love is not ordinary,

It is the other name of occult.

Each one of us desires for the ultimate,

But are we deserving enough,

Or are we dependent on fate?

It’s all a matter of faith and belief,

And at the right time,

The right person will be your heart’s thief.

They will enter at a very odd moment,

But in all the chaos,

You will be able to confront.

Just like Cinderella, your foot will fit in the right shoe,

And there and then you will realize,

It’s the power of love that reigns over you.

— raman thukral


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