What’s New About This Day ??

With the sun rising high

Moon already out of the sight

Fresh breeze flew over the sky

Chirping birds going high and high

Put me in a deep thought inside

What’s new about this day?

Workers getting ready for their work

Businessmen opening their accounts

Almost everyone busy with this or that

But somewhere life hasn’t started yet

Still the new day neither affected them

They are still sleeping with their dreams in their head

Seeking to place their place in this hectic world

These are our YOUTH!

Who have ambition but not opportunity

Just struggling for some work

Doing nothing

Busy on twitter fb

Killing the precious time

Which could be turned into gold and diamond mines

At last, the point is..Who is responsible?

They or the system?

To survive you have to kick yourself high

The selfish wouldn’t feel shy in burying someone’s goals deep inside

You yourself have the power

You yourself are that strength

Go and fuck this damn world

Just believe

You are in and that night has finished

From now this elevating sun has new meaning

Till now you were alive,

But from now you are gonna live..

— raman thukral


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