A wise man said, ‘keep friendship as your weakest point’,

I think he forgot to add BEWARE!

Because it’s addiction is much higher than that of joints.

Once addicted, there is no cure,

And you search the whole world,

The craving for friendship is pure.

If you don’t trust me, no worries,

Just try to stay away from your friends,

And see your whole life will getting seize.

Friends are the gifts to us from the lord,

We may sometimes not realize,

But they are as priceless as awards.

And a very bizarre fact, in this there is no contest,

And the God is great,

He makes sure that each one of us gets to meet our best.

This is one surreal beauty that we always miss,

And we mustn’t forget,

Life without friends can never be a bliss.


The path of life is very long,

And we can’t stay all alone,

We all need someone to whom we can belong.

Knowing these above facts, often we lose our closest,

Just because of some tiny clashes,

We tend to stay away from the ones who wish for our best.

Then why do we destroy such beautiful relations?

And put every blame on the other person,

But in reality, we ourselves are the demons.

How can our ego be greater than a human?

So what if there happen to be a mistake,

For that, we can’t shoot the person with a gun.

Just a mere advice,

If you don’t like it, ignore,

Or else, do roll the dice.

As the more you will resent, the more the best time will slip,

And later, in the end, you will regret,

That I wish I could have mended my broken friendship.

— raman thukral


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