The Cage

It’s not a new thing to say that our time is limited on this planet. But it’s not a lie. We surely have certain moments to get off this earth.

If one will google, one will come across a number of quotes, articles and theories on life and death. Well, quoting something on life is a daring task, because there had been millions of men on the face of this earth and none of them has figured out the right way of living it. And as a matter of fact, there isn’t any.

Because right way never exists. Just like a perfect person.

But quoting something on death is a courageous task. Because each one of us has a fear of it. It’s the fear only that keeps us struggling and stressing about everything in life. All of our decision are co-powered by fear. Before going in any direction, we always tend to look at each side, i.e. the famous ‘pros and cons’ and recently gaining a hike, ‘SWOT Analysis’.

We weren’t born like this. We are made to grow up like this. In the constant fear of failing. Well, some people have even got this is the head that a failure is similar to death. I guess, they are wrong. Death particularly leads to the inactivity of organs. Whereas, failure, if taken properly, paves the way to our life. And one thing is common between both of them and that is they both liberate the soul. They transcend us from every possible desire of ours.

And why the hell do we fear. Once you make a decision of doing a specific activity. But when you follow the great advice of looking at both the ends you end up doing nothing.

Everyone makes mistakes. And mistakes in actual are good. We get to know about what is wrong with us. And what right can we do. And more importantly, we realize that it’s not important to always to be right all the time. That’s a myth we live in that we can’t make mistakes.

The idea of not making mistakes dominates over the zeal of following your heart.

The desire of fun always gets suppressed by the fear of falling.

And it’s the greatest failure. The greatest failure is not able to achieve greatness because of just a fear of not making a mistake. And to overcome this, there is a simple solution.

“STOP seeking permissions if you want to achieve greatness in life”.

Have the guts to follow your heart.

Follow you heart and see the world following you.

Isn’t that what we all want? To be famous? To be able to be recognized by the mob while walking on the streets? It’s everyone greatest desire. Even though we aren’t good at nothing, yet, we crave for the attention. And just for the sake of getting attention, we tend to do the stuff which diminishes our real potential.

But is there a way out of it?

Yes, there is.

Don’t look outside the box. Instead, look inside the mirror. That’s one frame which will all make all the difference. When you look in a mirror, you look at your real self. You got to look inside because everything is inside. Whatever is outside is just an illusion.

We are sent on to this earth, to look for answers. But, as we hail down, we get busy in the useless stuff of ‘making a life’.

It doesn’t matter whatever we do, but if you aren’t aware why we are doing it, we are no different than slaves.

— raman thukral


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