So, have you ever thought of giving a shot? Not the vodka or tequila shot. But the other shot most of the people talk about.

If you aren’t getting what I’m saying, then it must be the case that you haven’t been in a dilemma like me.

It’s been almost four years I passed my school. And since then, the same question is haunting me. Not me, actually the ones who know me. And sometimes the one who don’t even know my name.

And the question is, “What am I planning to do with my life?”

Well, now I guess we all are on the same page. That’s good.

But most of us don’t know the answer. Because there isn’t. I took admission in a college, hoping that the stream I chose would help me to get the answer. And certainly, that didn’t happen.

And when I tell the people who ask me this question that I don’t know, I’m still for something I would like to do.

And then they come up with this amazing phrase. They feel they had inspired me with these words. Perhaps, they are wrong. Because just like them everyone else is saying the same. And that is-

WOW! How simple is that. Just look for something you like and go after it. That’s it. That is your passion. And you have to follow it. And you will get everything you want.

But everyone knows it’s not simple. Not the post events after the passion. But the hardest task is to find one. It’s just like finding the perfect mate for yourself.

Yeah, now before getting married, everyone gets into relationships. Some of them work out and some don’t. And what we are left with is a bucket full of experiences and learnings. Learning about ourselves and about what type of a person we are and what kind of person we can handle.

The same goes for the career too. You have to make mistakes to get on the right track. No one does it at their first attempt. And the ones who are the ones who end up in frustration because they didn’t choose wisely.

*Don’t rush.

Never hustle for anything. What you might be thinking is love, can only be a mere infatuation or a desperation.

*Stay Calm.

You had to be calm and composed. Keep your brain in peace. When you are in peace, the brain wanders. And it mostly wanders at the stuff that fall within your reach. You might choose from one of them.

*Try New Things.

When you start exploring, you get to know what you like and what you don’t. The activity you like doing, delights your mood and refreshes you. Give more time to that activity and see if it’s really the one you can continue without getting bored.

*Learn from others.

The best is to learn. Learn from everyone. From your parents, friends, animals, birds, nature, books, successful people, unsuccessful ones. When you are ready to learn, you will see the learning can come from anywhere and everywhere. From the ants to the skies, everyone has got something to teach us. You just had to be willing to observe.


Once you figure out where your mind runs, you start admiring it. And soon it develops into a hobby. But the action you must take is to transform that hobby into a business. Without customers your passion is just a hobby.

For example: If you are good at drawing/painting; you can try making and selling hand-made greeting cards.


Say it a rule or compulsion, but when you are out there, you are not alone. There will be unexpected circumstances and unbelievable situations waiting for you. And they will crush you, knock you down and tear you apart. But it happens with everyone. There are two things to keep in mind at that point of time:

  1. It rains hardest only on those who deserve the shining sun.
  2. If the door didn’t open. That wasn’t your door.


Failure is an uninvited guest, but at the same time it is also a necessary visitor. When we fall down, either we can lie down and curse or stand up with double determination and smile & thank for surviving such a great difficulty.

Don’t just stop because one thing didn’t work out. Keep moving because all the other things still stand a chance.

And never ever settle for anything less.

I don’t know why we do that. When the question is about marrying someone we are determined to choose a compatible life partner. We just don’t fall for the beautiful face. We are determined to be with someone who can understand us well, who can relate to us, who can support us in our hard times, with whom we can share our tiniest talks. We just go on and marry the one who is walking on the road.

Because if we marry the wrong person, we know we will suffer. And suffering is more painful than failing. No one admires suffering.

Then why the hell do we show our stupidity when it comes to our careers? Why we neglect every other thing and just focus on the job that can fill in the bank accounts? Why our career decisions are just based on only one factor?

The wrong job will not bring a fortune. The unavoidable guests: stress and tension always walk with you.

Not everyone with a beautiful face has a beautiful heart. And if you want a happy and successful married life, then you won’t chose the one with just a beautiful face.

Similarly, only money can’t solve all the problems of our life. It’s important to have money, but you can’t survive just on it. And just making money as you goal is an utter example of insanity.

We can’t spend our whole life alone and without doing anything. Our work and our marriage become our necessity after a certain age.

Marry the one you love. And do work you love. Then life will not be a struggle.

raman thukral


5 thoughts on “THE STRESS-LESS LIFE”

  1. Ah but you have to start somewhere, usually it involves money to start living, and then once you have money you can try to find something you want to do for the rest of your life, but does anyone really know what they want to do forever?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Once you start earning money, then it’s impossible to leave that field that yields easy cash. It’s like a cogwheel. I had been into it.
      And yes, no one knows what they can do for the rest of their life. But certainly, if you can work at something without even thinking of taking a break, then that is it. And most of the times, our hobbies only occupy this area.
      Haven’t you found out this yet??


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