INDIA is a vast land. A land of various traditions and cultures. Yeah, we all know this. We all used to write these two lines every time in schools.

But that’s not the point here.

When it comes to religion, we are not allowed to ask questions. We all are advised to blindly follow what is being said. And with a belief that if you will follow the rituals as it is, you will get everything you desire.

That sounds more like a business deal. Rather than some kind of belief. First if you will do this, then the God up there will be happy, and then he will use his special powers and make all your wishes come true. How fascinating.

The contradiction here is, we are being told to bow in front of God, not because of the respect, but because he is the one who will give us what we want. That’s more linked with the slavery system. The more one will praise the landlord, the more that slave will get.

And that’s how the INDIANS were thinking of getting free from the British Rule.

Being born in India and closely related with Hindu culture, since the childhood I was exposed to all the rituals of worshiping the Deity. But as I grew I didn’t find all that fruitful. Not because I wasn’t getting what I desired, but because I didn’t feel it right in doing all that.

What I saw at most of the times altered my perception.

The people wanted to impress the creator but were keen on destroying the creation.

Whenever we commit a mistake, what’s the first step we do? Yep, we join our hands, close our eyes and take the name of the Lord to forgive us. Or, you want something or someone so desperately, that you feel only the one with mystical power can grant you, then you turn your head to him. That’s begging.

Firstly, God created all of us with such superiority that he made each one of capable enough to achieve everything. But what we do is, without making much efforts, we give up. Sulk ourselves without any reasons and then blame God only for not keeping us happy.

Secondly, I don’t know whether God exists or not, but the way we all the using, that’s the wrong one for sure.


The Ramayana and The Bhagwat Geeta, these are the great source of knowledge. These two books contain all the answers which a human mind seeks.

But we didn’t focus on the learning or the knowledge. We laid our focus on the characters. And that’s where we took the wrong path.

These books are a result of someone’s creativity. Because Ramayana & Mahabharata are two great stories. They show that someone was creative enough to tell the world the truth of the life by the medium of a story.

Because if you wanna teach something, just create a story. The story telling is the best medium for marketing. Take any example, be it Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg and many more, everyone has a story to tell that about their life.

And if you will with a attention, every story is same. A hero, a villain, a goal to achieve and someone help from the people they adore. And in the end, the hero wins and the goal is fulfilled. That’s it.

But what’s the essence of the story? Not the hero, not the goal and definitely not the villain. The learning that the story showcases is all we need to focus.

For Example:

A few years down the line, the world ends up. And we all get destroyed. This Earth becomes devoid of the human. And just like it happened earlier, again the life form begins on this Earth. And that life forms finds the famous ‘Harry Potter Series’, by J.K. Rowling buried deep inside the surface of the Earth.

By somehow, they decrypt the whole series. And this would be the outcome.

Harry Potter will be the new God.

Voldemort: the villain.

Hermione and Ron: the helper of the God.

And so on…

But that’s utter bullshit. Because at present, we know that Harry Potter doesn’t exist in real. But not the one who will take our place.

Same way, just because the places exist doesn’t mean that the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are real. They might be. Who knows? Only the one who created it. The ample creativity he portrayed should be respected.

But we must focus on the learning. What we can learn from these Epic creations.

Our mind is so constrained that it only wants to accept the things that he feels exist. And anything beyond that is a miracle. But there is no such thing as miracles.

We are so consumed in ourselves that we just can’t focus on the reality. Our eyes are covered with the ‘For Sale’ campaigns that just triggers us to buy more and more. Our ears are plugged in with the latest albums that hinder the inner voice inside us. Our hands are busy minting the money that we just can’t use them to do something useful for the others. And our minds are being controlled by the fake reality that the lavish lifestyle is all we need to pursue a happy life, which stops us from doing something that can actually add meaning to our lives and also to others.

We all have been blemished. Blemished by utter bullshit. And that’s not the worst part. The worst part is, we don’t make efforts to change it.

God didn’t send us on this planet to earn money for him. Because that’s we do. Earn money and then put it in the donation box of those temples and churches and mosques and every other religious place.

We all have something great within us. All we need to do is look for that greatness. Instead of looking for the greatness, we search for everything else. Everything that is not useful in the long term.

“Look for that greatness within and you shall seek everything.”

— raman thukral


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