True Love Only Happens Once In A Lifetime

Not everyone will stay,

I didn’t use to believe these words,

But my belief was thrown away,

And I saw my life going backwards,

I always valued our bond,

But when you left, I felt like being conned,

I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t let out my tears,

Because I believed that soon you will appear,

Then we will be back together like before,

And you will be mine and I’ll be yours,

Again I was entangled in the false belief,

I know it would degrade me, but that was my only source of relief.

The heart was broken and it needed to be mend,

And I myself wanted this suffering to end,

The option was to link with someone more beautiful,

And that would make everything equal,

But that was the worst because no other person can take your place,

As it was your soul I fell for, not just for your face.

Years have passed, but those memories are still alive,

And as I knew, no one better than you hasn’t yet arrive,

Everyone says, at the right moment,

You will hold the hand of your partner in crime,

And I say, no matter who comes,

True loves only happen once in a lifetime.

— raman thukral



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