Our relation was the one

which I thought wouldn’t be break by none

was that much strong

even God can’t prove it wrong

we both were together

and it was a pact forever

but nothing here is permanent

neither the time nor a corner bent

I trusted you blindly

and you proved me blind

I loved you unconditionally

and you threw me out of your mind

still not out of that phase

my eyes are at a gaze

waiting for you with open arms

to fill my life again with those charms

I felt you were my part

but you tore us apart

you left me alone

only thought of your own

now I wish my life never had you

there was happiness

so what if it wasn’t with you

now I wish we never had met

but it’s too late yet

you changed but am still the same

the one who’s your picture in his heart’s frame

hope you remain happy with the one you want to be

wish you ever had loved me…

— raman thukral