Your Smile Means The World To Me

Love was never my cup of tea

But when I saw you, without any reason

I fell in that sea.

I don’t know when exactly it started

But am sure that your eyes played the game,

Because of which my heart departed.

I followed you, wherever you go

I was your’s from head to toe.

My soul was burning in flame,

Each part of my body was enchanting your name.

I wanted to make you feel special

But kept my feelings confidential,

Because somewhere inside I was afraid

As you might not feel the same,

And didn’t want to break the friendship relation, that was already made,

And spend my entire life in pain.

People advised me to forget you than you than to get hurt,

But how could I ? because you were the one, who was controlling my heart.

As whenever you smile, I feel the delight

It’s like sitting in the sun, during the night.

Before sleeping each time, I pray

That daily morning

Your smiling face is the only thing I wanna see

Because your smile means the world to me.

— raman thukral


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