The Cosmic Joke

Have you ever sat down and listened to your heart?

Have you ever stood up and did something off the charts?

If the answer to the questions is certainly NO

Then I guess, you have forgotten that life is meant to grow

Staying at a place and doing the same thing is stale

If that’s the case, then you are like a commodity in a wholesale.

Being different doesn’t mean wrong

It showcases your courage and that you are strong

Everyone wants to walk the path everyone takes

Because it’s easy, but it’s all an accumulation of fakes

Be that someone who chose to explore the less travelled

The thrill lies in solving the stuff that is still puzzled

That how you get to something new

And that’s what separates you from the crew

Being a part of the flock is not risky at all

You repeat the same stuff and never grow tall

It takes guts to stand out of the crowd lane

You will get to know yourself, even others tag you as insane

That’s what not everybody understands and becomes a fool

That not everyone has the same subject in the Life’s School

It’s all a matter of exploring and experiencing

And you will be living the answers you seek without any noticing

That’s the fantastic part and no one holds the key of the lock

We all are being a part

A part of this cosmic joke.

— raman thukral


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