Love is where the life dwells

We come on this planet without any consent

And leave it without making a dent

Our arrival here didn’t happen just for being a slave

It happened to do something great before making it to the grave.

We do nothing and pretend to be busy

And then form beliefs, that living isn’t fucking easy.

We waste a lot of time looking for the answer

And ignore the simple thing which we need to uncover

That the motive of life is to enjoy and have fun

And not do some shitty work and die of burden

The time for the death will come

Before that pick up the sticks and play the drums

Just focus on the enjoyment, not on the rhythm

And in the end, you will produce an epic album

Because if there is no fun, then there is no excitement

And for that ailment, there isn’t any treatment

So, break the rules and indulge in some fight

Sleep during the day and explore under the star night

It’s all a part of growing and learning

It surely will bring happiness more than a paycheck earning

As happiness brings love and it matters more than anything else

And love is where the life dwells.

— raman thukral


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