Have I Made It?

Looking at the past time with a bottle in hand

I asked, Have I made it?

Thinking of the morals on which I stand,

Have I made it?

Before my response, I was choked

And when I realized the truth, I was shocked

The life I had been living suddenly turned upside down

The whole world appeared circus, and me? Me being the Clown.

The moment terrified me, put me in fear

I just wanted to get away, but I was stuck in that gear

Suddenly a voice whispered that you can’t just run

You chose this life and this is your station.

All I knew was to just get rid of this environment

As when I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t confront

There was nothing of me, I felt hollow

I never wanted any of it, instead, I wanted to glow

But the chains of society gripped me hard

And I started doing stuff just for the reward

I neglected what I dreamt of being

And I set my focus on collecting the things

Just like everyone I’m drunk

Drunk at the idea of living a perfect life

But this kind of life is not less than a junk

And everyone had adopted this comfort without any strife

I guess, everyone feels the same, but no one has the audacity to admit

And the one who do, can proudly say

Yes, I have made it.

— raman thukral


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