The Expressive One

Today I saw the love of my life in someone else’s arms. Her lips confirmed her happiness. Her tiny eyes were filled with the sparkle of being with ‘The One’.
All this made me skeptical of my feelings for her. She crushed all my beliefs as the perfect guy for her. I pressed my lips together for not walking to her; for not taking the obvious step, for not expressing the love.
without any notice I found her eyes on me. she was looking straight at me. she looked amazing dressed in her white wedding gown. the tiny eyes were not so tiny anymore. her tapping of feet in synchronisation with her newly married husband on the most romantic song ‘All of me loves all of you’ by John Legend. The applauses from the guests initiated a tear from her eye. Seeing her cry, my eyes got drenched. she was elated, I were devastated.

I stood up to greet her for the one last time. for the first time in those five years with her, I had no idea how to arrange my words. As for the first time I had to say something sensible. This time was not about our usual meaningless gossips.
still dancing to the love song, she stopped. as the distance between us was getting shorter, our hearts were going farther.
her man turned to me and gave me a smile. I was afraid of not to be asked of my relationship with the girl.
“You were and you are the perfect guy for me”, she said in a go looking deep into her peers’ eyes.
I wish I could turn my feet back. I wish I could turn ON the oblivion mode. I wish could stop my heart beat.
and then her words soothened me. gave me a relief like a warm hot chocolate mug on a rainy evening.
‘But I was never the perfect one for you’.
Completely baffled by her words, her husband moved back. And the music suddenly stopped. Everyone’s eyes on the couple- the couple that was about to get shuffle.
Turning her face to me she smiled. Her sweet curve was making me high. She treaded her steps towards me. And for the first time it felt as if her heart was also coming closer to mine. She looked straight into my eyes. For a few seconds none of us blinked. And I hope neither anyone present in the hall had the audacity to do anything reflexive.
Surely it was the moment for me. The moment I had always desired. But not exactly the way it was happening. It was surreal in the beginning, but as the seconds passed, I realized the sensitivity. She was there for me, at last.
She turned around and crossed her right hand over my neck. And within a second she burst into laugher. Her laughter thrilled the hall. The void was getting replaced by the chortle.
“I had him one more time”, she whispered into my left ear.
Her husband’s red blood eyes that were set on fire recieved a huge piece of relief. The eyes got back to their naive nature. The family members and friends laughed in unison. Yet everyone was unaware of the situation.
” This is the man I can never leave”, she shouted with excitement. She pulled me a bit towards her, showcasing the depth of our amicable bond. “He’s my best friend and the guy I can trust blindly. And because of him only I met the love of my life.”
The stinky eye of her man were filled with some sort of reverence for me. I felt he had realized what his wife didn’t. Feeling a bit shy, I took my eyes away from everyone and set them at the off-white marble flooring.
She kissed me on the left cheek and shouted, “the single ladies out here…come and have him…he’s the desire of every woman…and…the dream of every mother-in-law.”
Everyone laughed at her words. But it was all futile for me. The girl I imagined my life with, only sold me out.
‘But then why didn’t you chose me’, I whispered to her. Her exuberance level hit the same marble flooring. She turned her eyes again to me.
“Because you deserve someone with whom you can be expressive.”


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