The Infinite Love

“Things have changed my friend…things have changed”, said the lady in her deep voice.

Deep not because of her age or something, she was quite young, but because there was something more. These words were supressing the real words which her heart wanted to say out. She conveyed her brain’s message and that’s what made her voice heavy.

When I looked into her eyes, i got a feeling of looking at an old soul. I felt the warmth. The sea green coloured eyes were throwing out the energy that this world had lost.

Only 1% of the total world’s population have green colored eyes. And i felt glad as i remebered this.

I wanted to hear more from her. Not everyday one gets to interact with the people who actually are living. We all are just surviving and amongst us a few of us are really absorbing the life.

“You see, surviving is easy…living is not”, she muttered. For once i thought she was reading my mind. But how could that be possible. And again her burdened voice carried a bit of pain.

“why can’t you say what you want to say? Why are you not using the right words?” I shouted my guts out after a few moments.

She took it like she was expecting it to. She didn’t go into the perplexed phase when my words hit her ears. But she did go into some kind of thought process.

“After how much time are we meeting?”

Her question put me in the mathematics mode and she knew i was very bad at it. The only numbers i liked were only of the vitals of the female figure.

“It’s been years, I guess”, i finally came up with some indefinite answer. She turned around her distorted face.

” do you remember how we used to be earlier?”, again she came up with that annoying question that wasn’t relevant to me. I simply nodded my head saying, “we were not this much old back then”.

I thought i had shut her mouth. But i was a fool to take it that way. Yeah, because i was having a talk with a lady and that i was meeting her after.. I don’t know…many years.

“As we grow up, our heart dies”, she commented looking straight into my eyes. I was flabbergasted. Her straight words were daunting me. I was looking for some way out. A rat-hole could have solved my purpose.

To this i sat speechless. I knew my one word would ripple a whole new conversation on life and philosophy. I just wanted to sat beside my old friend and breathe the same moments quietly.

But my ‘not saying’ policy was overthrown even before it’s initial implementation. I hated that.

” earlier there was excitement. We used to meet like we were seeing each other for the first time, but now just a few formal handshakes and that fake smile on the lips. Why?”

But still i was determined with my ‘not saying’ policy. And that was the first time i showed some real perseverance. I felt like patting my back.

I looked at her. Her eyes were set at the grounds. Intact likewise.

“What’s wrong with you? How have you changed so much? Why can’t you be like other people?” I had these bundles of inquiries. But decided to ebbed them.

“Life is so strange. It makes people meet each other and then tears them apart and then somehow they meet again? Why? The indelible scars pinch us for the rest of our lives. And later our bags fill with loads of regrets.”

She was set for the soliloquy. For once i was forced to thought she was pretty high.

But she was Interesting. I never knew she would ever make sense. Flattered by her thoughts i actually lend my hearing ears.

“I hate this life of mine because i had wasted it for no reason. I just had this faith in the ship that i knew would sink, but still for some reason i thought i could serve as the harbour lighthouse for the ship i wanted at my deck. But neither the ship came nor i stood straight.”

And again she paused. Remembering her words again i realized they were connected. And as i recalled them consciously i came to my senses. I knew what i had to do.

She wanted to say something from a very long time, but i was the one who wasn’t viable.

To her questions i had the perfect response.

” If somehow you can contain it or restrict it…then you were never in that phase.

Because love is infinite.

It neither has any beginning nor an end.”

To my words she turned to me. The distorted face was now blushing. Her stellar eyes were shining even in the day light. Her lips that were dried up..soon sparkled with the world’s most sweet smile.


And that’s how i got the love of my life. We had this certain misconception deeply embedded in our heads that someone special from a far away land will come for us and will rescue us from every ailments.

But most of the times we overlook the ‘right person’ for the special one. But in real..there is nothing and no one special. Surely, we encounter failures. But failures are commas, not full stops. And in love..there is no punctuation.

Love is anything and everything. It is nothing and something. It is in real infinite. If you can measure it, make sure you are not holding an empty bucket.

Because there are no limits in love.





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