The Four Letter Gamble: Love

“Just because i kissed doesn’t mean i meant it”, Alisha shouting and shutting down the cacophony voice of her partner.
Both of them staring at each other. Both of them having the same emotions. Emotions of aggression. But none of them wanted to sit and discuss the matter. Both of them were in some way of shoving the other down. None of them possessing the love to which they agreed upon.
“You kissed him right in front of me knowing that i had my eyes on you”, Raj picking up his tools rigorously with the clear intentions of causing the harm.
” I told you it didn’t mean anything to me “, alisha still holding the same shield. She knew she was guilty, but she wasn’t ready to get suppressed.
Hearing her words out..Raj started applauding..beating his hands hard enough to make Alisha hear the sound of his achievement.
“I had to salute your guts”, raj positioning himself in the saltue posture. He thumped his left foot on the maple wooden floor and slowly moved his right hand’s palm to his forehead.
Alisha shook her head and shifted her eyes on the dining table. The house that was a total mess because of the party that the couple hosted. And that was the occasion that lead to this upheaval.
It was the celebration of their seven years of togetherness. And Alisha gifted well her peer an intimidating suprise by intimating with her ex-partner in crime. The house that saw the relation of the love birds dwelling..had no clue of ever witnessing this morbid conversation.
“And why the hell was he even invited”, raj questioned alisha, Alisha still not lending him her good ears. She chocked before uttering something. She knew that at this point only truth can save him or staying silent is another road that can be pursued. She chose the later one.
Getting a no reply ignited the fire within Raj. ” obviously it didn’t mean anything to you. But surely, it meant a lot to me. How could you even? The seven years that we shared with each other…you didn’t even think for once about our relationship and cheated just standing next to me. And here i was planning of asking you for spending your rest of my life with you.”
The monologue from Raj hit Alisha hard. She was waiting for it to end, but he wasn’t stoping any time soon.
“Oh…just SHUT UP..” She barged in, “Enough of this crap from you..” The perplexed Raj fell on the floor like a sack of potatoes.
“I’m very well aware of your intentions”, Alisha continued, ” i know how much you loved me and how much you loved that girl”.
“What girl”, raj uttered agilely.
” now don’t pretend as if you don’t know. The girl that you met two weeks back at the Crown Mall”, alisha putting her each word clearly and confidently.
Raj held his head down. Having no words in his defence he riveted.
“My friend, Tanya caught you at the mall. And even if you had anything with that girl..i wouldn’t have mind it because in the end i wanted you to be happy even if the reason behind your happiness is not me. I was hoping that you will confront me, but you didn’t and seeing Akash today at our party took me from my senses and …” tears gushing down her eyes. Her sobbing voice restricted her to speak any further.
Raj who had his eyes on her from the starting was still looking at her. But now the eyes carried different emotions. Emotions of love and reverence.
He stood up from the floor and walked towards her. Alisha who was rubbing her drenched eyes looked at him. He used his right hand to help Alisha in removing the tears. He placed her tress at the back of her left ear and held her face in both of his hands.
For once again their eyes met. Just like seven years before. He kissed on her forehead showing his love. Her lips moved. She wanted that kiss from a long time. They both hugged each other.
Alisha placed her head on his left shoulder. Raj draped her tightly in his arms.
“What to do we do now”, Raj pitched the words after few mintues of the romantic phase.
Alisha who was feeling protected in his arms quickly moved back. She looked straight into his eyes. Her round brown big eyes were dying to seek the answers.
Raj stealthily took out a little box from his pocket. The box was covered with a black velvet cloth. She knew what it had. The advertising and movies have made the concept familiar.
Dazed by his action when he knelt down, head up, eyes deeply looking at her and heart filled with profound love, he opened the box. The shine of the diamond was nothing compared to the smile and amazement on Alisha’s face. Following the same action like every girl does…she placed her left palm on her lips and gave the expression of complete astonishment.
” naa”, he uttered, “i’m not getting that feeling. Are you?”
She shook her head and he stood up at once. She smiled profoundly.
“I know you love me like hell”, alisha said, “and i wanna explore the remaining phase of my life with you…i’m sure about it..but still…i want to know about that girl…”
Raj cackled loudhly. For him it was the funniest moment of his relationship. This put her in confusion. Seeing the conundrum on her face his laughter increased.
“What the hell are you up to”, she shouted again with the same tempo.
” she told me this moment will come”, raj said with a straight face. No laughter. Nothing.
“What do you mean?”, she asked quickly. Curiousity taking the dime over her. Seeing her in distress Raj enjoyed the moment.
” the girl that i went to mall was none other than your friend who told you that i was with some other lady in the mall”.
Confusion playing her cards well took alisha with it.
She just raised her eyebrows to the statement.
“Let me tell you..”, raj said, ” your friend is about to tie the life long knot with my elder brother and she was aware about our relation. She was the one who helped me find this perfect ring for you.
It was her idea to come up with this drama…she seeing me with another girl…she telling you about it…the anniversary party…n was all tanya’s head plan.”
“But why…”, she said expressionless.
“Being my future was her special demand..and i couldn’t resist. I agreed to the terms…despite knowing the fact that i might end up losing you…and which i guess i almost did…but…”, raj paused.
” but what?” Alisha muttered reflexively.
“I had no idea about the episode of Akash as the guest..and why the hell you kissed him?”
Now it was Alisha’s turn to roll the dice. Now the rod was in the lady’s hand. She knew it how to tame.
“ are forgetting something here ..”
“What is it”, baffled Raj intruded.
” it is that your future sister-in-law also shares an amicable bond with me too. She’s my friend first and later your brother’s future wife..”
Raj still unable to get the game.
“You felt the game was played by your side..and i felt it was played by my side..but we both were being played..”
“Please continue”, raj whispered keeping in mind the sensitivity of the moment.
” you were not aware of Akash’s presence and i was not aware of your proposal.”
“Nice move Tanya”, both uttered at the same time in unison. And the moment was followed by some real laughter.
” but am still not done with Akash”, raj said after enjoying the moment.
“Leave him dear”, alisha said, ” akash was my ex..but one of the most trusted and helpful guys in my circle.”
“Getting a kiss from someone else’s girlfriend and that too infront of the girls’ boyfriend.. Is thevdream of every guy…why would anyone say no to this kind of offer?” Raj shrugged his shoulders.
Alisha went close to him and planted a kiss on her man’s lips. The kiss went for quite a moment. It had to. Period.
“I called him trust worthy and helpful because he’s into men and that was the reason of our breakup…we were at that time..and like every other buy he too flirted with girls, but as we came close he realized his type and i was the one to support him through that phase..”
Hearing the confession Raj filled with a bit of remorse for not trusting his love.
He immediately apologized.
“But what if there would have been a girl in real..?, Raj asked with a serious tone.
” then i would not waste a single second in killing you..”, she burst into laughter.
“Can i confess something”, he mattered.
Alisha nodded..not destroying the moment with the words.
“I was a bit angry when i saw you kissing Akash..but when you confronted me saying that you want me to be happy no matter with whom i end up…you had me’s been seven years since we are with each other..and after knowing you i don’t have the desperation of knowing about anyone else…i’m happy with you..i really am..and whenever you are not with me..i turn my eyes around and when i see a couple smiling..smiling in love..i see you…you are the one with whom i want to waste my life..”


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